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To forgive does not necessarily mean to forget. To forgive does not mean that all can go back to the way things were before the negative event. Forgiveness is a means of letting go.

For me, I have carried a lot of emotional weight for many years. I judged myself. I couldn’t accept myself for the person I was when I was younger. I was embarrassed of the stupid, reckless mistakes that I have made. I allowed myself to hang on the experiences I’ve had with those whom have horribly wronged me. I clung to all of these negative things, until they became a safety blanket, this was an unhealthy safety blanket that caused me to continue to make similar mistakes and not let go of the past.

Some months ago during a yoga session at home, I stumbled upon a breakthrough. I was holding a long stretch, taking many deep breathes, and feeling deeply relaxed. From somewhere in my heart and mind, three words escaped my mouth that sounded before I realized that I was speaking… “I forgive myself,” I exclaimed.

  1. I Forgive. Myself. That moment I began to let go. I let go of my embarrassment, my mistakes, and I began to release my hurting. I’ve made it a practice to say out loud, “I forgive myself,” every time I have a thought from my security blanket. I truly feel that this practice has lifted YEARS of burden off of my shoulders and has brightened my everyday. It has created positive energy that I can feel! Saying the mantra out loud so that I can hear the words makes the statement as real as seeing them. It makes it true.

When you’re ready, I challenge you… speak this phrase to yourself and see what it can heal and how good it feels.

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