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Follow These Natural Hair Vloggers for Every Hair Type

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Follow These Natural Hair Vloggers for Every Hair Type

One thing we love so much about the natural hair community is the diversity. From curlies rocking their twa’s (teeny weeny afros), to naturalistas making the transition to natural hair, to ladies with curls and coils for days, there’s a natural out there who can help you on your journey. This representation isn’t always on the mainstream blogs and websites, but that’s where we come in to help. Regardless of where you are in your hair journey, here’s a list of natural hair bloggers you should watch!

My Natural Sistas

We love these three sisters Youtube channel! Each one has a different hair texture, prefers different hairstyles, and even goes through different phases like coloring and big chops. If you’re looking for versatility in your natural hair journey, definitely check these ladies out!

Fusion of Cultures

If you have long, thick, natural hair and you’re on the lookout for hair care tips, best products to use, and style inspo, you’ll love this one. Unlike many natural hair youtubers with long hair that is of a looser texture, this naturalista has thick, kinky hair and serves all the hair goals!

Klassy Kinks

Kinky haired girls who are always switching it up will love Klassy Kinks. From big hair, to cuts, to color, this curly girl has gone through it all. Her channel is especially helpful for naturals who trying new things. Check out the straightening color treated natural hair video to see what we mean!


4b and 4c naturalistas, Vashti is here for you with her countless videos on styling, products, and even moisturizing this hair type. Whether you have long or short natural hair, if you’re type 4, there’s definitely a video that can help you on your journey.

The Chic Natural

Are you a natural girl who prefers a good protective style? The Chic Natural’s channel is full of tutorials for both natural hair and protective styles. She has everything from crochet, to wigs, to twist outs on her channel. Not to mention, she makes things super easy to achieve!

Mahogany Curls

If you have a looser hair texture, Mahogany Curls is definitely a channel to check out. We love it for her endless tutorials on styles but even more so for her archives which go back to her big chop. Super inspiring to watch!

Who are your favorite natural hair vloggers? Let us know!

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
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    February 2, 2018 at 10:41 pm

    I’m suprise yall didnt pick the glamtwinz. There hair is flawless!