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Fight Heart disease with Mushrooms | Stuffed Mushroom Day

Fight Heart disease with Mushrooms | Stuffed Mushroom Day

Hey ladies! I hope everyone is doing well today! So if you all were not aware, yesterday was national stuffed mushroom day! I know some of you are like ew gross, and some of you are jumping for joy about this, but I invite all of you who are anti-mushrooms to try them stuffed as they have a completely different flavor than just plain raw mushrooms in a salad for example. You’re probably also wondering why i’m bringing this up as well. Well since it is February, the month all about love and black history, I thought I’d talk about heart health since that is something affecting both of those areas.

Black women & Heart Disease

It is sad to say but half of us black women older, than 20, have heart disease. This is another staggering statistic brought to you by Go Red For Women, that is just as bad as the stats in yesterday’s post. While there are many problems that face our community heart disease is one of the deadliest taking almost 50,000 of our sisters’, mothers’, aunts’, and grandmothers’ lives every year. With those types of numbers we can all easily find one of our friends whose family has been affected by heart disease. So in celebration of Stuffed Mushroom Day, I am going to tell you all about how mushrooms can help with heart health and i’ll show you where to find some of my favorite stuffed mushroom recipes to incorporate into your diet.

Mushrooms & Heart Health

Mushrooms can improve the health the heart in a myriad of different ways, but here are just a few of them:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Lowers Bad cholesterol
  • Lowers Blood Pressure

With all these different ways that mushrooms can make your heart a little healthier, there is only one problem left to solve. How can I get more mushrooms in my diet?

My favorite Mushroom Recipes

Mushrooms are one of my favorites vegetables because they help add a little umami to meatless monday. What that means, if you weren’t aware, is that when cooked mushrooms give a meaty texture to any meal and are very good sauteed (with seasoning of course!). I enjoy adding sauteed mushrooms to any meal like spaghetti, sloppy joes, taco (meat), and pasta. When you add them in to any of these dishes they are virtually undetectable from the meat in your dish (especially if you chop them small instead of slicing them). These are all great options, but one of my favorite ways to eat them is stuffed! You can stuff mushrooms with virtually anything that is on par with your diet, but here are some links to my favorite stuffed mushroom recipes:

3 Cheese

Sun-dried tomato and basil

Best Ever Stuffed Mushrooms

You can easily follow any of these recipes to find yourself in stuffed mushroom heaven, or you can just stuff them with anything you have the taste for. I hope that this article helps someone, somewhere fight heart disease and lower the staggering statistics in our community.

And don’t forget to live your best heart healthy life sis!



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Nikki is a natural hair blogger and youtuber , also known by the handle @ChicNaturlNikki, has been in the game over five years now. She loves journies to find her best self and has enjoyed sharing her these journeys and practices with you along the way.

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