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Fabulously Natural with @NaturallyTemi

Naturally Temi

Fabulously Natural with @NaturallyTemi

You know those natural hair guru’s that you see and immediately think “HAIR GOALS”. Yea, that’s how we feel about Temitope Adesina. Natural hair enthusiast and vlogger from the DMW. Whether you’re thinking about transitioning to natural hair or you’ve been in the game for awhile,you can find @naturallytemi serving natural hair inspo for days.

Just one look at @naturallytemi’s Instagram will have you ready to get your natural hair together. Her gorgeous kinks and curls are always on fleek from cute jeweled updo’s to fluffed out fro’s. And it’s not just looks that she’s serving either. Within her popular Instagram and growing YouTube channel, you can find her sharing tips and dropping knowledge on all things natural hair and beauty related so you too can get your curls to flourish!

So, want to know more about the story behind the curls? Well, she big chopped (for those thinking about whether to transition or cut it off!) and she prefers her hair wet when it has more definition and personality. She’s also not afraid to share her struggles either. One of her most recent videos takes you through the very thing every natural experiences at some point: a huge natural hair fail. But, it’s really her tips and advice on growing long natural hair that have us tuning in each week to learn more.

Natural Hair Tips from @naturallytemi

  1. Stick to a regimen!
  2. Do low manipulation styles.
  3. Add moisturizing products.
  4. Detangle your hair while wet.
  5. Always use your fingers to detangle.

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