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Body Builder Ernestine Shepherd’s Amazing Transformation

Ernestine Shepherd

Body Builder Ernestine Shepherd’s Amazing Transformation

This week’s #wcw is competitive body builder, model, and personal trainer Ernestine Shepherd. At 79 years old she is slaying stages and competitions with her body building skills and perfectly sculpted body. But, would you believe us if we told you, she wasn’t always this way? We’re sharing the story of this world record holder and all around diva, along with a few tips on how you can begin your body transformation as well.

Ms. Ernestine Shepherd wasn’t always into to athletics. To be honest, she was a certified girly girl. At the age of 56, however, things changed. The loss of her sister drew her closer to an activity they had started together (going to the gym) and from there Shepherd began to transform her body and her life.

Life as a competitive body builder is busy and strategic. From 5K and 10K races to strength training four days a week, there’s little room for down time. But, staying focused is how Ernestine has been able to go from the gym to entering body building competitions, surpassing competitors half her age! So exactly how does a person go from living a relatively normal lifestyle for over 50 years to competitive body builder? Step by step, day by day. Here are a few tips from our #wcw to get you started!

  1. Start slowly and gradually condition your body. If you can work with a personal trainer you should!
  2. Get serious about your diet. Protein and supplements are key along with maintaining balanced nutrition.
  3. Practice patience and positivity. Transforming your body is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time and celebrate your small victories.
  4. Rest!
  5. Live by her personal mantra: stay determined, dedicated, disciplined to be fit!

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Imani Goodall
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