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It’s Don’t Fry Day, and I’m not talking about fried foods. Don’t Fry Day takes place the Friday before memorial day and it’s a day to remind all of us about the importance of sun safety for our skin. We enjoy being out in the sun as much as we want but we don’t always protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. DON’T FRY YOUR SKIN! That’s what Don’t Fry Day is all about. Your skin is beautiful and we are all about health so why not keep your skin healthy? A little while ago we talked about the myths of our skin, like the myth that darker skin doesn’t need sunscreen. We learned that it is actually smart to protect our skin with things like sunscreen. Most skin cancers are caused by the overexposure to the sun’s UV rays and lighter skin is more susceptible to developing skin cancers because of this. All skin tones, regardless of race, can develop skin cancers so isn’t it important to do what you can to prevent that?

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Dominique Bynum
Health and Wellness Contributor

Dominique is a writer who has a passion for fitness, health, beauty and more. She loves researching these things in order to live a better lifestyle and is excited to help you live one too!

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