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Don’t Dye Your Hair Without Reading This Article

Don’t Dye Your Hair Without Reading This Article

Lisa Campbell is in our #FabulousHairFriday spotlight this week. She tells us how she accomplishes her various looks all while keeping her hair healthy.

When it comes to hair Lisa loves the versatility of a good weave. “Change goes without being said for a shapeshifter [laughs]. I get bored with my hair looking the same month after month. About every 6 months I’m ready for a new look. Weave allows me to change my color while keeping my hair underneath healthy.” Lisa’s gets her hair relaxed every two or three months. Her exposed hair, or the hair that shows in her styles, is dyed blonde. “In reality if you would like to change the color of your hair (especially on relaxed hair), I highly recommend a professional be the one to dye it blonde. DO NOT dye it blonde yourself on top of relaxed hair!”

She uses color rinses to match her exposed hair to the extensions. “I don’t really care what other people think so I rock my styles confidently.” And she definitely rocks them well! It’s the season for color heads and playful hair. We all have the power to wear our hair how we like and unite for



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