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Does your twist-out look crazy? Oh how we love the beautiful look, Bantu Knots that are freshly unraveled bring or even when they are days old. But what about when your Bantu looks WEEKS old after only a few minutes of being taken out. Most likely you are doing something’s wrong, so let me help you out.

Your twists could simply be too tight. If the twists are too tight they will buckle, too lose they will not look neat and unraveled, try to find that happy medium. If you think your twists will come undone at night, secure them with clips, bobby pins, or even rubber bands.

You may not be using the right products. If your hair is kinky, use a thick butter like shea butter or castor oil along with a moisturizer. If your hair is naturally curly, don’t use a curl enhancer, this will make your curls untamed, and leave for an unpolished look. Use a light moisturizer and oil.

Your twists are too large. Smaller sizes help them stay neat and last longer. Small to medium sized twists will allow you to have definition, but still allow your hair to be styled and played with.

Are you prepping y our hair?Make sure your hair has been detangled, then add products and smooth it evenly over the section, before you begin to twist. If your hair is tangled or dry, the look of the twist will end up looking just like that.



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