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Dionn Renee: How She Fought Lupus Through Art

Dionn Renee: How She Fought Lupus Through Art

Dionee Renee 3

Lupus was constantly on my mind. There was a time I couldn’t walk, confined to a wheel chair, and I almost flunked 8th grade because I spent most of my time in the hospital, so it was a lot to fight. I couldn’t do all the partying other kids were doing, because I felt God was going to judge me soon. When I was in the 8th grade, I heard my doctor tell the nurse that I may only live to be 21. At that time I looked like a skeleton.

Instead of letting the disease kill my body and my dreams, when I felt pain, I let it inspire me. That pain, reminded me that you’re not going to be here too much longer So, I went hard, like I was about to die. I went so hard I felt like I was going to heal myself.
That motivation came out in my paintings. My paintings are about believing, going strong, and reaching that depth that makes you better. I paint in a fearless way. In other words, I’m not afraid to say something BIG or make a BOLD statement. For instances, some of my paintings are a little old school because they are about women having class, treating their body right, cause now a days, so many women are reckless. My paintings encourage women to act like royalty.
By not stressing over my disease and fighting through my passion to paint, my health is now pretty good, it’s definitely under control. I know I’m going to live as long as I want. Now, I know living is my choice, how I eat and treat my flesh is my choice. I drink a lot of water; I don’t touch a lot of door knobs. I’m not OCD, but I’m aware my immune system is weak. I eat really good food. I spend more money on food than clothes. I think that because it’s so painful of a disease I can’t forget it hasn’t gone away.


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