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Conquer Stress By Zoning Out

Conquer Stress By Zoning Out

Ever been out and about with friends, relaxed in class or at home and your mind wonders? You loose track of time and all you can remember doing is catching up on your thoughts and life questions? Most people call this “zoning out”.

I think many of us “zone out” at least 2-3 times a day. It can be for long periods, where hours pass or just a few fleeting moments you find for yourself. Did you know that this is a type of meditation? Yes, shocking isn’t it. Meditation never needs to be something formal with steps and regimented, unless you have an intent or task at mind.

Zoning out is a period of time where you are completely focused on filtering your thoughts between what requires more effort and what requires less. The focusing in itself is, in fact, meditating because you become seemingly oblivious to the “outside world” and simple distractions.

Zoning out comes as naturally as breathing. Our body is built to withstand and CONQUER STRESS.


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