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Health changes can lead to excessive hair loss of ‘resting hair follicles’ called ‘telogen effluvium’. This is when more than hundred hairs come out from your follicles on a daily basis.

Thyroid Gland: This regulates your metabolism which can affect your hair follicles. If underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), your hair may be coarse, dry and brittle. This can cause excessive breakage (various length pieces) or hair shedding (full hair strands with white bulb) all over your scalp.  If you have an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), you may have slower hair growth, soft/fine hair texture and excessive hair shedding all over your scalp. Once your thyroid is under control by your doctor, your hair loss should improve.

Iron-Deficiency Anemia: Iron  helps to provide oxygen to your body. You may have low iron heavy monthly menstrual cycles, poor iron diet (ex.vegetarian), or poor iron absorption which can lead to excessive hair shedding.  Iron supplements and change in diet can significantly decrease shedding.

After Childbirth: A few weeks to three months after childbirth, the majority of your hair follicles enter into their normal resting stage (telogen stage) which causes widespread hair shedding and can last up to six months. Throughout the nine months, your hair follicles remained in an actively growing stage (anagen stage), therefore, the natural shedding did not occur making your hair thicker and look longer. It was not the prenatal vitamins, which are basic multivitamins…MYTH!

Medications: Over three hundred medications can lead to excessive hair shedding which can happen up to three months after stopping. Examples: blood pressure, high doses of Vitamin A/Accutane for acne, birth control pills, anti-depressants and blood thinners (Ex. Coumadin). Do not stop medication without consulting your doctor!

Anorexia/Bulimia/Yo-Yo Dieting: Fast major weight changes, may cause severe hair shedding from one to three months later, due to severe protein malnutrition. Therefore, to save protein in your body, since your hair is  made of protein, it sheds to prevent further hair growth. Improving diet can reverse hair concerns.

Illness: Commonly up to six months after an bad infection, flu, major surgery with anesthesia, etc, excessive hair shedding can occur because during illness the hairs did not shed normally. Chronic illnesses such as Diabetes and Lupus may cause long term hair shedding leading to severe thinning.

1. Medical evaluation by your doctor
2. DO NOT stress..may cause more hair loss!
3. Daily nourishment to protect, revive and stimulate your  hair follicles with “BellaNutri”, a Dermatologist Developed all-natural nutritional supplement made of specific marine proteins and collagen for direct support of hair follicles unlike the basic hair vitamins. Your hair will grow faster, longer, thicker and healthier hair from within, even in bald/thin areas despite your underlying health concern. Hair follicles take up to six months to get back on track, so please stay consistent www. I am happy to help answer any of your questions or 301-809-2962


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