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Check Your Circle

Check Your Circle

Every women has their squad, crew, or individuals who they associate themselves with. Having friends is a great thing and a wonderful experience but how do you know if it’s time for a circle check?


Signs of Toxic People:

  • Controlling: this sign is less noticeable in a friendship as compared to a relationship but still something to look out for. If your friend always has to be in charge or aggressively influences your decisions then most likely their controlling. Friends encourage you to make your own decisions, still offering their opinion but ultimately respecting your choices.


  • Jealousy: Do you find it difficult to have other friends without upsetting that one friend? Do they get annoyed, uneasy, or angry when you show attention to another friend. Yeah their totally toxic.


  • Put you down: A toxic friend might not speak badly about you but may put you down in other ways, such as drawing attention to your flaws. They may even shut down your ideas and dreams and make you feel less than you are.
  • Manipulation: Toxic friends have a way of manipulating you into doing what they want you to do. For example, you want to stay home instead of going to see a movie with them, so they may become distant, ignore your calls, or become cold during a conversation until you change your mind.


  • Victim: Don’t even get me started about how they always have to be the victim. It’s bad enough it’s always got to be about them but they have to become victims in every situation even ones where they are not.
  • Not accountable: these type of friends can never take responsibility for their actions or accept that things are happening the way they are because of their actions.


Do you recognize any of these signs? If so, please do a circle check and ask yourself, do these people who I choose to associate with, have my best interest at heart? Are they toxic? Are they bringing me down? Ridding your life of toxic people can help to improve your mental health. Improving your self-esteem and helping you to build your confidence.


So do a circle check and improve your mental health. For more on mental health visit Black Girl Health Blog

By Patrice Shumate


Patrice Shumate

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