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Alligator Hands

#ManicureMondays 001 It’s finally spring time and what better way to ring in a special time with a mani-pedi, a little self-indulgence? You may not notice here, but my hands are red. They are dry, and they are cracked. I wash my hands a good 30-40 times a day as negated by my profession. Alas, I have found the cure and I share it with all my patients and friends. It’s called Aquaphor, from the makers of Eucerin. It is a petroleum-based-lotion that cure the cracks and heals the bleeding knuckles. This winter was harsh! Feed your skin. Cost saver note: buy a generic brand or the smallest container available at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS and the like. Only a small bit needed for soft, cut-free- hands. Perfect for...


Quick Exercise of the Week: Modified Burpees

This week's exercise of the week is a quick strength training exercise that works your entire body. Modified Burpees are the perfect exercise to boost your heart rate and burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time. Burpees get a bad rap in the fitness world and for good reason. This intense strengthening exercise is hard work, even for the most active and fit people. Even though that's true, the benefits of burpees on your body can't be denied, so if you're looking for the results of the exercise, with a fraction of the pain, modified burpees are the way to go. Modified burpees are a great option to try if you're new to fitness, have weakened joints, or any kind of disability...