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Get Glowing Radiant Skin With Lemon Water

What’s the first thing that people see, your skin!  And with all the stress that comes with life, your skin seems to be effected the most, at least for many of us. Ladies, I don’t care how much make-up you have on, but if you have rough and flaky skin, a pound of foundation will not create a MIRACLE. In my experience skin that’s dehydrated makes your face look dull, rough, and just unflattering to the naked eye, and it shows even under your make-up. SO WHAT’S THE ANSWER? Well the natural approach, I feel will have a magical outcome over time is LEMON WATER. Fresh lemon juice is abundant in natural electrolytes, which helps boost hydration, and is great for your skin.  Drinking lemon water...


Nutritional Supplements To Help Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are often caused by too much estrogen in your body compared to progesterone. Why might you have “too much estrogen”? There are several reasons, one of which is a sluggish liver – it’s the liver’s job to prepare extra hormones and toxins to be eliminated from the body through the gut. That’s why foods and herbs that support the liver (ie, milk thistle) can help to lower estrogens, while substances that burden the liver (ie, alcohol, caffeine, and Tylenol) can contribute to keeping estrogen levels high. The body needs certain key vitamins and minerals to process hormones correctly, so supplementing with these can also be helpful: • Multivitamin and mineral: a good quality capsule, with no artificial colors or unnecessary ingredients or fillers. Capsules are...


The Pressure To Go Natural

Unless you were a child, back in the day, it was almost unnatural to be natural. However, now that natural is now in, many of our sisters are throwing tubs of perms to the way side and cruising over to a life of natural hair care. But many of our dear beloveds are lost in transistion, not really knowing if such a course is best for them, and even feeling guilty. Don't worry, old habits die hard, and if you are addicted to the creamy crack (relaxer) that's ok too! Becoming natural isn't just a one time hair switch over, it's a committed lifestyle. You have to decide whether or not; a life without a relaxer is one you'll accept. When properly maintained, relaxers provide a slick,...


How To Save Your Broken Makeup

Overstuffed purses or just plain clumsy moments can lead to pulverized powders and broken lipsticks! Not to mention if you leave your lipsticks near a radiator or in your car!! But you can still squeeze more months out of your favorite make up with a bit of craftiness. Learn how to bring broken cosmetics back to life with the below notes! Lipsticks •Method 1: The Fix: So, you've decapitated your latest lipstick purchase (whoops). To fix you can use a blow dryer or lit match to meld the two halves back together. Heat the portion left in the tube, then gently reattach the tip while smoothing the sides. Pop it in the fridge to harden, and you have many more miles of lip color left. Just make...


How To Wear Multi-Colored Nails

Last week I mentioned how my favorite new trend in polish was light-nude colors. While this may be my number 1, the natural nail divas have been sporting a runner up. Multi colored! I used to think this was a tacky, loud trend that was fleeting. However, the 2014 spin on it has two rules: #1- a matching color palette and #2- a single bold color that pops. I took 5 polishes I wanted and mixed them up with my eyes closed, and that's how I found this sequence. In the feature picture, I used my two favorite polish brands, Orly and Nina, both found at Sally Beauty Supply. (TIP: check for sales as Sally's frequently has BOGO Orly and Nina!) Remember your Nail Tek base and...


Treat Your Hair Better With Water

We all do it. Natural, relaxed, or even transitioning, we have steered clear of this at some point. Even our shower routine may switch up due to this key element: Water and our hair meeting up with it. But the once believed enemy may just be what the doctor ordered. As the temperature rises and the air becomes drier, the best thing for both relaxed and natural hair is water- both internally and externally. Drinking water aids in digestion, transportation and circulation of nutrients from the food and vitamins we eat, which encourages a healthy scalp and hair follicles. Water also helps those with dry, brittle hair, and flaky itchy scalps. Just how you have developed that new hair routine, incorporate a water routine into your daily...


Dr. Ayo Gooden: All In The Mind

Dr. Ayo Gooden is a psychologist who specializes in cognitive behavior therapy. Her many specialties include women’s issues, African American issues, and cultural/ethnic issues. She is a Board Certified African Centered/Black Psychologist (ABPBC) and received an education at Lincoln University and the University of Cincinnati. In addition to being a psychologist, Dr. Gooden also teaches psychology classes, including Crisis Intervention and Mental Health and Abnormal Psychology. She currently runs a practice in Wesstown, Pennsylvania....


Quick Tips To Get Makeup Out Of Clothing

So many shirts have been ruined by that innocent hug that left a large foundation smear on the shoulder. While your first instinct might be to reach for the makeup remover, think again. The oil, which is meant for the skin, might actually make the situation worse. How to get powders out of your clothes  First of all, don't rub it in! It's easy to dust off excess powder, but a ground-in stain is harder to deal with. Instead, mix up a solution of white vinegar and water to remove the smudge — test it on a spot first for colorfastness. This concoction also works well to get rid of dried-up stains on the bathroom countertop <fyi How to get liquid foundation out of your clothes Turn to...



Women of all ages suffer from the symptoms of toenail fungus. Whether in one or all toes, the greenish-yellow, flaky, and misshapen nail(s) can be something of an embarrassment. There are a slew of treatments from oral pharmaceuticals, to topical salves, to costly laser treatments. I've heard of these treatments costing anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars. Over the years I have come across an OTC treatment that can diminish the look (or in some cases cure) the fungus. The only catch is that it takes discipline. In a small spray bottle combine, pour 3/4 white or apple cider vinegar and 1/4 room temp distilled (or bottled, NOT tap) water. Prior to spraying, make sure toes/nails are clean and trimmed. Nail fungus can grow into skin...