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Skin Care Guide

Summer Skincare Tips for Black Women!

Summer Summer Summertime! Time to sit back and unwind! IT’S SUMMERTIME! It’s time to go to the beach, sit out in the sun and enjoy the feel of the warmth on your skin. You know you have to take extra care of your skin as the seasons change right? Summer brings a warmth that we love to feel, but this summer is starting off full of intense heat. Sunscreen is a must. Don’t listen to the myths anymore! Even though we have melanin that helps protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, we need that extra protection from sunscreens with SPF. Another thing we need to alter, for the health of our skin, are our hot showers. You might be thinking, “Who wants to take...



It’s Don’t Fry Day, and I’m not talking about fried foods. Don’t Fry Day takes place the Friday before memorial day and it’s a day to remind all of us about the importance of sun safety for our skin. We enjoy being out in the sun as much as we want but we don’t always protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. DON’T FRY YOUR SKIN! That’s what Don’t Fry Day is all about. Your skin is beautiful and we are all about health so why not keep your skin healthy? A little while ago we talked about the myths of our skin, like the myth that darker skin doesn’t need sunscreen. We learned that it is actually smart to protect our skin with things...


The Myth of Our Skin!

We have some gorgeous skin, but are we taking care of it? We might clean and moisturize our skin well but there are a few myths that too many of us believe. It’s time to debunk the myths, Sis! Black Don’t Crack Sweetheart, you’re wrong.Yes it can. Black skin is still susceptible to aging and wrinkles. Skin care is important regardless of your skin color. I Don’t Need Sunscreen Black Skin does have a natural SPF protector in melanin that helps us protect our skin, but that is not always enough. Black skin can still have skin cancer so using sunscreen can greatly benefit you. DON’T FALL INTO THE TRAP. You probably need some sunscreen, sis. My Oily Skin is Moisture Enough I don’t know, lovelies....


I Love My Color, but I Want to Love My Skin!

As I was growing up I noticed that not only did I generally have the darkest skin in social groups but in my family I did as well. My father drilled into my head that my color is beautiful and I should always love it, and I do. There was a difference, however, between loving my color and loving my skin. The skin is the largest organ of your body and undergoes a lot. People don’t generally think about the harm that they do to their skin either by not taking care of it or by doing the wrong things to take care of it. People of color, for example, are affected by eczema more so than Caucasians and don’t know how to help it....

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How to Avoid Loose Skin DURING and AFTER Weight Loss

Tightening Your Skin During and After Weight Loss Lossing weight takes time and it doesn't happen overnight. Most people believe it should only take 5 months to drop 40 pounds. Although this is possible, everyone's body is different and therefore, you shouldn't compare yourself to others. Everybody's health and wellness journey is different and we all have different genetic makeups. So, throughout your weight loss journey remember to solely focus on you. Here are some great tips on how to avoid skin during and after weight loss: [embed][/embed] Key Takeaway If you watched the full video above, you know during your weight loss journey you must continue to care for your skin by exfoliating, consuming detox drinks and meal prepping. Also be mindful of your age, but don't make that as...

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Head to Toe Nutrition Series with Regan Janelle: How Sweet Potatoes Can Help Clear Your Skin

It's Skin Deep [embed][/embed] I received my first compliment in years on my skin and I almost teared up. They asked me what I had been doing and I told them eating more sweet potatoes.  In my research on skin types and texture, vitamin A kept popping up. Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene which pretty much turns into Vitamin A once it ’s consumed. Sweet potatoes are also an anti-inflammatory food for my blood type which is a WIN all the way around for me. Skin Transformation I have noticed an incredible difference in the texture of my skin and even more of a natural glow. I also matched my topical regimen with my nutrition this month and I believe that has helped tremendously as well in these results. The...