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Natural Hair Guide

What They Forgot to Tell You About Going Natural!

Over recent years “going natural” has become somewhat of a trend. Although it is a healthy trend the downsides aren’t necessarily talked about. Here are a few of the things they forgot to tell you about going natural. A Job Without A Paycheck: Going natural is a job in itself. It is truly a time requirement. Often times with processed hair, much attention is not required. Natural hair requires attention. A lack of attention with processed hair is not nearly as detrimental as a lack of attention with natural hair. Can Be Expensive:  Have you ever noticed the difference in price when buying natural hair products rather than other hair products? A bottle of SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo (3.2 fl oz) costs...


Natural Hair Youtubers!

Finally! It is time to talk about Natural Hair Youtubers! There are an abundance of natural hair youtubers out there just waiting for us to click and subscribe! Let’s look at a few. Naptural85: Whitney White, also known as Naptural85, has been gracing our youtube timeline for years. Her beautiful 4A and 4B coils remind us that we too can achieve beautiful and healthy natural hair. She’s taken us on her natural hair journey and shown us the importance of hair health. Amber Ansah: Amber Ansah took us on her journey from a short cute and curly little afro to long flowing and healthy hair. She shows her viewers the best products for her 3C and 4A hair to help her audience reach similar or better results...


Loving your natural hair again; A letter to my sisters | Natural Hair

Hey sis, I hope your 2019 is blossoming into everything that you thought it would be, and i'm hoping and praying that you are on the brightest path to your goals. If you're a natural like me you probably started of your journey with some pretty lofty hair goals. The day I decided to go natural I told myself that I wanted to have waist length hair. Little did I know my journey would be full of twists, turns, highs, and lows. I’m coming into my 6th year as a natural, and I will just say that it hasn't been everything that it seemed it would be, for me, it has been so much more than that Hating my hair Around my third year of being natural,...

Natural Hair Kickstart | Reinvent Your Life Series

Hey Ladies! its that time of year again! We are going to be kickstarting all kinds of things next year and if you’re natural then your hair routine will be apart of it. Getting your hair routine back on track for 2019 is going to be vital for your hair journey, because lets face it, we all get off track sometimes. And if you’re like me, you’ve been off track for a few months or more (you know who you are sis). Specifically for those of us that are 2 or more years in, you’ve more than likely hit a plateau or maybe even a slump in your journey. That’s why a kickstart is necessary. We are going to discuss the kickstart, and I’m going to...


Top 3 Wash day stress relievers | Natural hair

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash   Hey Sis! I’m hoping all is well and healthy with you today and that your edges are flourishing just like your melanin is. As I sit down to write this, it's currently wash day for me. And I’ve got to say that as the years go on, the stress of my routine has gotten to me several times. It's gotten so bad that I’ve gonna month (sometimes more) without washing my hair, simply because the thought of all of those steps is overwhelming. I’m trying some things here and thee o completely overhaul and destress my routine ( a girl can hope right?). However, until that glorious day comes I’ve found a few things that we can implement into...

Holiday Beauty Lookbook: No Makeup Makeup

Natural Hair Styles for the Gym

Don't Sweat! Who said black girls don’t workout? According to a study published in the Archives of Dermatology, two in five African-American women do not work out because they are worried about their hair. WHAT?!?!?! I know right. Well luckily for you there are some natural quick hairstyles that can be worn for that sweaty cardio routine. Watch as Ab K shows us 5 natural hairstyles that can be worn to the gym. [embed][/embed] What if I'm not a naturalista? Not about that natural life, well that’s okay too. Below is a video that shows you how to place your relaxed hair in a quick up-do for a workout. [embed][/embed] For more on natural hair styles visit BGH Blog Home | Black Girl Health Blog By Patrice Shumate...

Natural Hair Workouts

3 Tips to Help You Manage Your Natural Hair When Exercising

Natural hair shouldn't stop you from working out It’s no secret that working out with natural hair can be a bit of a struggle. Humidity, sweat, and all the things that accompany a good exercise session are the very same things that can take a cute hairstyle from “yasss girl” to “girl what happened?” But don’t let your potential hair woes stop you from getting a good workout routine in on a regular basis. We have three simple things you can do to make sure your hair stays fly before AND after you hit the gym. Protection is key! Yes, we know you may have finally mastered the perfect twist out but the gym is not the time to let those coils and curls flow. Protecting your hair...

Holiday Beauty Lookbook: No Makeup Makeup

6 Different Natural Hairstyles You Can Wear in The Workplace

Natural Hairstyles in the Workplace Struggling to maintain your natural hair can be a process. Ladies, when working at a professional workplace don’t be afraid to show off your beautiful black natural hair. When it comes to your hair, spice it up a little and experiment with different hairstyles. Embracing your natural hair will boost your confidence and will express your creative style. [embed][/embed] Several hairstyles that can be worn with all natural hair types:  Halo braids Two front braids with a ponytail bush Slick back low ponytail Bun Bantu Knots  The Process of Styling Your Natural Hair For starters, the essentials you will need is shampoo, conditioner or leave-in conditioner, hair oil, a wide tooth comb, a wig brush, a regular brush, and hair bands. In order...

rice water

5 Ways to Enhance Your Hair Growth With Rice Water

Hair Growth The majority of us women have either did the big chop or transitioned into a more natural hairstyle. When it comes to being a natural sister with thick and curly hair, we experiment with at least 50 products to figure out which ones provide nourishment and shine to our hair. But - what if those hair products we seek are right in our kitchen cabinets. Have you tried rice water? [embed][/embed] Here are 5 ways to use fermented rice water on natural hair to promote hair growth: Pre - Poo - Make sure your hair is dry before your spray the rice water throughout your hair. This will help remove any calcium build-up in your hair before washing. Co-Wash - You can add some rice water to your shampoo...

Twist Out

Quick & Easy Twist Out Routine to Style Your Afro

Your Natural Hair Guide to a Quick and Easy Twist Out As a naturalista, sometimes it's difficult to find the right products that work for your hair. We look for products that will leave our hair moisturized and give our hair extra fullness. It's truly a journey of trial and error until we are able to find the right products that will give us the perfect twist out. [embed][/embed] A step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect twist out Products:  Aloe & Coconut Water Pre-Shampoo Honey Chocolate, & Coconut Oil Conditioner Shea Butter Flaxseed Oil Curling Cream Cream Coconut Milk & Honey Leave-In Conditioner 5 essential oils with vitamin E (Castor, Grapeseed, Argan, Coconut, and Olive oils) Hair Instructions: Part your hair into four sections and apply the detangling product - aloe...