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My Experience with Intermittent Fasting | Fitness and & Health

Hey ladies hope all is well with you! So there's this “diet” that's going around called intermittent fasting, and I really wanted to give it a try. Normally, when i’m trying to lose weight, I just skip a couple of meals and only eat 1 time a day. This helps me to get used to smaller portion sizes and also control my hunger, and is literally the only thing that helps me to lose weight. So when I read about Intermittent fasting I definitely wanted to give it a try. Before when I would say that I don’t eat as much when i’m trying to lose weight people would assume that I have anorexia, or some other mental issues. I often felt guilty about losing...


Yoga 101|My Journey and Top 5 tips to get started

Good morning beautiful ladies of BGH! I hope 2019 has started off excellent for you. Mine is good so far, not accomplishing everything I want but making a large dent in my goals. Today we will talk about one of them and that’s doing Yoga. First I want to say that Yoga is Hard! I still have a lot of work to do on my yoga journey, but i’d like to tell you my top 5 tips on getting started, coming from my experience on what has and hasn’t worked. First a little about my journey Personally, I’m still in the beginning stages of my journey so this post isn't meant to provide professional advice, but if you’re just getting started, or have been interested in yoga...

Pregnancy Belly

5 Tips That Will Help You Trim Your Waistline After Pregnancy

Gain the body you desire after pregnancy Some women believe that after having a child there's no such thing as a fit and healthy body. However, every day we see women online sharing their pregnancy journey. By sharing their story with us they are exposing the good and bad through their journey. Even after these women give birth they are now faced with two main responsibilities; taking care of a newborn and working to get their body back in shape. I don't know how they do it, but kudos to them! [embed][/embed] 5 Tips to Help Trim Your Waistline After Pregnancy: Getting Adequate Sleep - Most moms try to sleep on the same schedule as their newborn children. Although this is hard to accomplish sometimes - a study found...

7 sculpting workouts

7 Sculpting Moves to Get You Motivated and Fit for Summer!

Ladies, Summer is Here! With summer now officially here that doesn't mean you stop working towards your health and fitness goals. There are so many ways to get in shape over these next three months.  In this short video clip, Jeanette Jenkins, shows us 7 sculpting moves to get in shape this summer. [embed][/embed] 7 Low Impact Exercises to Sculpt Your Body Side Lung to Front Kick Push-Up  to Squat Bicep Curl Shoulder Press Plie Squat with Upright Row and Front Deft Lift Goblet Squat Stationary Bikes with Bicep Curls Back Row to Back Fly with Back Taps Chest Fly's with Ab Double Leg Lower Make sure you complete each workout for 15-25 reps and 2-3 sets. Key Takeaway High-Intensity Training and aggressive cardio isn't the only way to properly get...

One Women’s Story On Why She Decided to Transform Her Body!

When You Know It's Time to Change It takes courage to want to transform your body and lifestyle. It's not an easy decision to make nor an easy journey to take. You have to find motivation and understand your "why." Why should I get healthy? Why should I workout? Why should I change my lifestyle? The reasons behind your journey has to come from you. So, the next time you doubt yourself before working towards becoming healthy and fit, take a look at this mother's journey. This should help you figure out your "why." [embed][/embed] One Women's Story On Why She Decided to Transform Her Body "I'm looking at these pics like where did the time go. My baby is growing up so fast. I remember when I had...