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Tea is not just warm, soothing, and calming, especially right before bed, but according to a study done by John Hopkins, tea could be your life saver. Results of a study that included data on more than 6,000 people, suggest that those drinking even one cup of tea daily could cut the risk of heart attack and other serious heart problems by 35 percent compared to people who don't drink tea. For more information on the health benefits of tea, click on the link below. #Transformationtuesdays ...


In this day and age, our phones are our life. We can’t go anywhere or do anything without our phones including “sleep.” According to experts checking your phone at night, can affect your quality of sleep. As result of consecutively checking your phone before going to bed, you may see negatives affects not only your attention span, but your metabolism, so much that you’re starting to gain weight. Click on the lick below to understand why it’s time to start putting your phone to rest before sleeping. #Stressfreesundays...


Of All Newly HIV-Infected Women, 2 out of 3 are African American

Today, women account for about 1 in 4 new HIV/AIDS cases in the United States. Of these newly infected women, most are African American. And many of these cases are attributed to having  unprotected sex with a man. Some reasons why African-American women are affected by HIV/AIDS more than women of other races include: Poverty — 1 in 4 African-American women lives in poverty, which is strongly linked to HIV risk. People living in poverty also get lower-quality health care in general, which can mean advancing from HIV infection to AIDS more quickly Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) — HIV is most commonly spread to women through sexual contact. Untreated STIs that break the skin, such as genital herpes, give HIV easy access into the bloodstream. African-American women...


How often have you talked yourself out of working toward a big bold goal? How many of your dreams have gone unfulfilled because you've convinced yourself it's impossible, too hard, or unreasonable? *GASP!* Or even worse, how often have you thought that you're not smart enough, you don't have enough money or the right credentials to chase after your dreams?  If you want to grow you have to give up negative self-talk! Keep dreaming but don't allow social norms and pressures change you or deter you from your dreams! Read More on Doing The Impossible Here! (  Remember: You set the precedence to how well or poorly others treat you. So if you love on yourself, speak life to yourself and shed a positive light on yourself; you will in turn attract those...


Can women take proactive steps to protect themselves from HIV using a vaginal ring that has an antiretroviral drug? According to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health this ring provides a modest level of protection against HIV infection in women, a large clinical trial in four sub-Saharan African countries has found. The ring reduced the risk of HIV infection by 27 percent in the study population overall and by 61 percent among women ages 25 years and older, who used the ring most consistently. Check out Gaudenzia New Options for more health related information by clicking on the link below.

Get Tested

How to Ask Your Man to Get Tested i.e. #POPTHEQUESTION

Taking the initiative to get tested for HIV is a big step in taking control of your health. There’s no arguing that, at first, it can be quite intimidating. But, when it comes to having that discussion with your man or sexual partner, things can become really uncomfortable. Be that as it may, knowing your and your partner's HIV status is essential to having a good sexual relationship. So asking your man to get tested--if he hasn’t already--is a bridge you’ll have to cross. Here’s how to do it without the hassle. Get tested together Many times people avoid getting tested because they are nervous or uncomfortable. Going with someone and getting tested together can help alleviate some of that anxiety and nervousness. Instead of asking your...