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Black woman powerlifting weights

Don’t Shy Away From Powerlifting

When it comes to weight loss or wanting to maintain good health, most women shy away from powerlifting. They’re afraid of bulking and being compared to men. But, wouldn’t it be awesome to deadlift or bench press 300 - 500 pounds without losing your femininity? Absolutely and it’s totally possible! Brittany Jade Brittany Jade is a 31-year-old strength athlete and powerlifter from Las Vegas, NV. She can deadlift 565 pounds, squat 495 pounds, and bench press 320 pounds. Jade is also a drug-free female competitor, which means she doesn’t consume anything to enhance her body nor her performance. Now, this is #blackgirlmagic.         [embed][/embed] Benefits of Powerlifting Improve Strength   Powerlifting is a strength sport that incorporates exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press.  While squatting works the muscles in your...

Fit mom NN

Looking to Get in Shape? Follow a Fit Mom on Social Media!

Being a fit mom is no easy job! As women we tend to juggle it all - take care of the house, raise the children, be a good partner, and manage our career. With all that is going on in life, sometimes we can’t even make time to hit the gym. As a mother, you often find yourself putting your family first and health second. Unfortunately, if you aren’t giving your body the “me time” it deserves to stay motivated and fit everything else will fall apart.  Here are some women that continue to set examples for all future fit moms to follow. Natalie Nunn From Bad Girls Club to health and fitness entrepreneur, Natalie Nunn dedicated her time to get in shape prior to having her daughter...

Tia Mowry Gym

#NoExcuses: How Tia Mowry Motivated Us to Get in the Gym

This time of year most of us are either looking back on our goals for the year or scrapping them and starting over. And if we’re talking about fitness goals, most likely we’re in the latter. With all the good food, parties, gatherings, and cocktails on the menu for the next couple weeks, of course the last thing on our mind is the gym. But then Tia Mowry came through with her cute baby bump and gym clothes to remind us that we need to hop on #teamnoexcuses and get our daily dose of exercise in, no matter what. ?? A post shared by tiamowry (@tiamowry) on Nov 22, 2017 at 11:53am PST Since being diagnosed with endometriosis, Tia has changed her diet and exercise routine and being...

Body Positivity

What Rihanna Taught Us about Body Positivity

Who else can relate to the--sometimes constant--rollercoaster that comes along with body fluctuations and womanhood. The changes our bodies go through different seasons of our lives, different times of the year, during our monthly cycles, or even between days can be a lot. Especially if we’re super focused on reaching those weight lost. It can be discouraging when you head to your closet to put on your favorite pair of jeans that fit just right last week, but today? Not so much. One celebrity we know can relate is Rihanna. Let’s take a lesson from Riri and stop stressing about what we can and can’t wear and embrace our bodies, no matter the day. Here’s how Rihanna does it: She pays attention to her body and...

Healthy Reads

3 Healthy Reads to Add to Your Book List

So often, the answers to our most pressing questions, the information we need to truly thrive, or the ideas that we’ve been trying to articulate on a certain topic can found within the pages of a book. We know this when we’re using books for business, for research, or even for self-help but we don’t always think of books as the first place to turn when it comes to our health. And we don’t mean books packed with medical terminology or statistics that we can’t quite understand. We mean books that help us understand what’s going on with our bodies, health, and the things we do can to be better in a way that we can understand. Whether you’re a book loving health enthusiast or...

Better Body After Baby

After struggling with her weight throughout adolescence and adulthood, having her first child was the catalyst in Deborah Chaplin getting into shape. Below she chronicles her inspiring weight-loss journey. Did you struggle with your weight before starting your weight-loss journey? Uh, yes. I struggled between gaining and losing weight through middle school, high school, college, and after I got married, and then after I had my first child. What made you prioritize your healthy journey? I gained 50 lbs. when I was pregnant with my first son and I kept a good amount of the weight on until he was almost 1. I saw myself in some pictures and decided that I needed to get serious about losing the weight. I lost 30 lbs. in about 4 months...