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Don’t Rush Your Fitness Journey, It Takes Time!

Why does "patience" and "fitness" have to work together? Have you ever weighed yourself and got frustrated with the scale? Or looked in the mirror and began to criticize your body? It's ok! We've all done it before. As women, our bodies are constantly changing. But instead of being patient with our bodies, we tend to want a major body transformation in a day. The truth is, it's unrealistic! It's not that our goals aren't reachable, it's the unrealistic time frame we give ourselves to reach them. Weight loss is a slow process and if you want to do it right, you have to be patient with your body. [embed][/embed] Here are 4 tips that will help you obtain patience during your fitness journey: Plan ahead and give your body time to transform. You...

Healthy and Fit Vegan

How to Become a Fit and Healthy Vegetarian

Becoming a Vegetarian Have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian? I know, I have!  After watching What the Health, a documentary that highlights the benefits of veganism, I went vegetarian for a month. Surprisingly, a few of my girlfriends did as well. But, over the course of 30 days, I knew I was doing the right thing for my body. Since I already practice healthy eating, I thought cutting out meat would be a breeze. And to be honest with you, it was. However, I wasn’t losing any weight and traveling to South Africa didn’t help me stay on track. If you’re transitioning from a carnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet, there are three mistakes that ought to be avoided in order to promote a more efficient...

Meal Prepping is Key

How Meal Prepping is the Gateway to Transforming Your Body

Why is meal prepping important? Most people believe the key to weight loss is exercise. While exercise does play a major role in dropping those unwanted pounds, meal prepping is highly important because it will help you fight for the body you always desired. [embed][/embed] Here are the 3 things you should do to prepare for meal prepping: Pick a day - The reason why picking a day to meal is highly encouraged is because this would actually help you stay on track. Most people use Sundays for meal prepping. It helps people with nutrition and fitness goals start the week off strong and end with a bang. Designating a day to meal prepping is extremely important if you're looking to earn consistent results. Pick the meals - Now that you...

6 exercises that will make you sweat

6 Exercises that Will Make You Sweat and Strengthen Your Body!

When the gym is crowded, what should I do? If you've ever been to the gym during its peak hours, you know that it's crowded and every machine is occupied. Instead of having to wait for a machine to become available, you should create your own workout routine. In case you get stumped, here are six exercises that will increase your heart rate and strengthen your body. [embed][/embed] Full Body Workout Routine by Latoya Shauntay Snell 10 pushups 15 air squats with a weighted plate 15 back lunges with a weighted plate 1 minute of jump rope 5 split squats on each leg 6 Burpees Complete 3-5 rounds of this workout depending on your time constraints. This workout is extremely helpful if you're crunched for time or have a limited amount of...

BGH: What does it mean to be fit

Question of the Day: What does living a fit life mean to you?

Living Your Best Life Some people believe living a fit life means you have to be a certain shape or weight. However, living a fit life doesn't mean you have to hit the gym every day. Living a fit life is more than checking the number on the scale. Living a fit life is more than depriving yourself of your favorite foods and dropping a few pounds. So, that's why I ask ...

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Transform Your Body By Competing with Yourself and No One Else!

Transform Your Body Transforming your body takes hard work and dedication. You have to stay consistent with eating properly and implementing the right workouts to reach your body goals. It's extremely important that during this process, you don't compare yourself to anyone. Stay in competition with yourself, not the Instagram models! [embed][/embed] If you read the Instagram post below by @saiphifer she states "Me vs. Me." This is a perfect example of how you should determine your progress. It's important to not solely rely on the scale, which will enable you to focus more on building muscle and confidence. Here are five ways to measure your victories without using the scale: Track your eating habits - Make sure you are eating 5-6 times a day to help speed up your metabolism. Your...

Hamstring with exercise ball

Hamstring Workouts that Can Help Improve Your Posture

Why hamstring workouts helps to improve posture? Here’s a great exercise that you can do from the comfort of your home - hamstring curls with bands or an exercise ball.  Well- developed hamstrings will help you maintain good posture, and prevent leg injuries. Because your hamstrings cross the knee and hip joints, they work to bend your knees and draw your hips backward. When executing the explosive movement, these muscles play an important part in shifting the load from your knees to your hips. The video below reveals one of the most effective ways to maximize your hamstring workout. [embed][/embed] How to complete a hamstring workout using an exercise band Take a band and safely wrap it around a sturdy post. Place the band around your...


Studies Reveal Fasted Cardio Helps Burn More Fat

We have all heard you shouldn’t eat right before a swim. Now there’s a new study that suggests fasted cardio is one of the most efficient ways to burn fat and get the most out of your workout. Why Fasted Cardio? [embed][/embed] The new trend is called fasted cardio and encourages working out first thing in the morning before breakfast. According to studies, the body will burn more fat. The body typically draws on carbs for energy. Without food, your body will only have existing fat to use for energy. Then, after the workout, studies say that your body will be better able to absorb carbs and proteins. The idea is that your body will use the food to restore energy instead of storing it as fat. Fasted Cardio...

Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Results

Intermittent Fasting 101: How to Maximize Your Weight Loss Results

When most people think of “intermittent fasting,” they only think of starvation and tend to ignore the health benefits. Research studies reveal that reducing your daily calorie intake by 20 to 40 percent is an effective way to lose weight, improve cardiovascular, boost metabolism health, and prevent disease. However, most people find it difficult to eat less during the day, especially if their daily diet consists of eating five to six meals every two to three hours. Realistically, who would want to feel ‘hangry’? So before you adopt a new diet regimen, intermittent fasting, here’s what you need to know.   What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting (IF) involves alternating cycles of fasting and eating. This eating system typically focuses on when to eat, not necessarily what...

Herbal Detox Teas

3 Detox Teas to Help You Lose Weight and Stay in Shape

If you are already a huge fan of tea, and you haven’t tried any of the detox teas below - then girl, YOU BETTER GET INTO IT! Detox teas are often used for weight loss, but can also be used for weight management. Drinking a detox tea is a method used to detoxify and rebalance your body. The teas are high in antioxidants and formulated to improve your liver function, as well as support your digestive organs. Most women are unaware of the correlation between digestive health and body weight. If the digestive system is imbalanced it will be hard to lose and maintain weight. So, here are three detox teas that are not only beneficial to your digestive health but overall well-being.   Lyfe Tea We all...