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AIDS v. HIV: Whats the difference?

In today’s society, there are more than 1.1 million people who have HIV, and if that is not shocking enough 1 in 7 of them do not even know that they are infected. With so many places, and different ways to get tested for HIV the only reason that someone would not know they are infected these days, is simply because they do not test themselves. Getting tested is just half the battle though, because when it comes to your health Knowledge is power. You’ll need a little more than just knowing whether you are positive or negative for HIV. You can not prevent something when you do not even know what it is! So today I am going to explain a little bit about...


Strong And Stressed? Know Your Signs of Depression!

I once seen a quote that said “ I am a strong, independent women, because I have to be.” The black women has always been described as the backbone of the family, the lifeline, the one who keeps it all together with a pretty smile plastered on her face though, internally suffering from all the pain she has endured. Too often does the black women try to be stoic and fight their way through their struggles on their own, without even a murmuring word. Struggling with this myth that you have to be strong, and you have to do it on your own because your a black women leads her to a path of depression, insecurity, and anxiety. Very unhealthy habits formed but luckily they...


Going Vegan? Consider these 3 things first!

  You see it everywhere, people are constantly talking about it. They are talking about how it changed their lives, and how much weight they’ve lost. You see testimony of people who cured their diabetes and other diseases. This Vegan diet, It seems like a miracle cure right? And now an even bigger question.. Where do I sign up!? (that was my question at least). I have watched all the documentaries, Vegan youtube cooking channels, and searched high and low for vegan restaurants. But, I don't happen to be vegan, and I don’t think I ever will be. I know what you’re thinking, good for you sis but what about me? Well any reasonable internet stranger can write down a list of benefits to a vegan diet,...


If you find yourself frustrated, the one thing you should do is CLEAR THE CLUTTER!

Say it with me! "CLEAR the CLUTTER" Clearing the clutter in our life is vital for the transformation of any kind. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get married? Do you want to get into a romantic relationship? Do you want to get a better job? Whatever it is that you want to do this is the first step to set up a strong foundation for success. In my practice, clearing the clutter is one of the first three action steps I give my clients to start their weight loss journey. There are three particular areas in our life that get to be cleared: physical environment, schedule, and relationships. I want to break each of these down separately. Your Step-by-step guide to clear the...


When To Eat: Putting Your Body On Your Work Schedule

How many of us focus on when to eat? No many rights? The focus and pressure have always been put on what to eat and that is important as well, but what if when we eat is just as important? When considering when to eat, intermittent fasting is becoming more and more popular and for a great reason. Intermittent fasting is the voluntary act of withholding from food, therefore, it is something you must mentally accept before you physically succeed. Please believe me when I say that it IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.  Intermittent fasting is one of the answers to the question “When do I eat?”, which not many people ask. Meal timing is important to consider for a much different reason including reversing insulin resistance, emotional...


Get In A Morning Flow With A Morning Routine

Mornings are usually associated with low energy, grogginess and a lot of coffee. When we wake up, we are so focused on our efforts to make ourselves look presentable, but what if woke up with a purpose and a plan? What kind of shift could we make in our day if we were intentional about how we started it? I started incorporating a morning routine earlier this year, and at first, it was hard to commit to. I either wouldn’t wake up on time, or I would only do it for a day or two. Then I made another outline as if the routine itself was the problem, and the same thing happened. This happened about 4 times.  Possibly this has also happened to you,...


What is your #BlackGirlMagic?

Black Girl Magic at its Finest Every black women has heard of the term “black girl magic”. It is a term defined as, the art of pure, unadulterated dopiness, that every black women exudes, that beholds not only her internal and external beauty, but demonstrates the glory of God the creator.  Black girl magic is a movement that has captivated the hearts of the melanin community. It is a concept that has allowed many black women to band together and feel empowered, special, and untouchable. This type of magic is noted as exclusive and only available to the women of the Black community. Within this magic, you will find swag, strength, confidence, and much more and it shows in your hair, your style, and your very own...


5 Top Stylish Outfits For Curvy Woman

Curvy Girls in Style As we all know, we cannot forget our beautiful full figured queens that can also set the trends straight. But some of our queens are misguided, thinking that wearing dark oversize clothes is the only way. There are numerous of stylish clothes for full figured women, you have to find what fits right with you. Upgrading your closet will not only increase your self-esteem but bring out the fashionista in you. Like I said before “Don’t be afraid to experiment” because you never know fashion might become your new hobbies. So let’s get started!   Five Starter Outfits: A regular t-shirt tucked into your long fitted skirt with either tennis shoes or heels A printed black and white skirt, a pink colored blouse, leather...


How To Find Motivation When Trying To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Dig deep and find your motivation At some point in life, everyone comes to a place where they struggle with their motivation; especially after a failure or setback in your personal or professional life. Even the most successful have had a tussle or two with maintaining their motivation. Ever wonder how those individuals who are wildly successful, keep their drive after experiencing failure? Well here is a guide for 8 ways to find and keep your motivation. What’s your why? Highly successful and motivated individuals ALWAYS start with their why. Your why is going to be the backbone of your success. So what is your why? What is your purpose for doing what you do? This answer alone will be your drive and give you that ambition you...

black art

Aspiring Beautiful Black Art of Women

Black Art at Its Finest Admiring all of the beautiful art that is being created and black women are used as motivation, but you barely see art of black women that shows an amazing message. As we learn to view art as a symbolism to a story and that story will reflect onto the art. Portraying black women in a non-explicit way shows great beauty. Seeing more black women being drawn it gives women the momentum to appreciate themselves and to help uplift other women. Knowing that they are idolized by others. [embed][/embed] Top Six Favorites: Each piece explains the life, style and feelings of black women. From appreciating the thickness of our hair to embracing our gifted curves, these paintings speaks our truth. Each painting tells a different...