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Be Careful with Hair Weaving Glues!

Be Careful with Hair Weaving Glue

Be Careful with Hair Weaving Glues!

Many women enjoy changing their hairstyle up by using a variety of hair weaves. Not only are hair weaves convenient, but they are also a great way to protect hair from the everyday wear and tear! While weaves themselves are generally safe, hair weaving glues (adhesives) can lead to skin irritations and hair loss. You must be careful of how your weave is attached to your skin, scalp or hair to limit the unfortunate side effects. Here’s how you can protect yourself when using hair weaving glue. 

There are different methods of applying hair weaves. A very common type is the ‘lace front’ style in which the adhesive that is used to secure weave in place can cause more facial/forehead skin reactions. Also, when the glue is used throughout the scalp for individual pieces, this can cause more severe widespread issues.  The adhesive contains harsh chemicals which can lead to irritant contact dermatitis (ex.redness, burning) or allergic contact dermatitis (ex. redness, itchy).  Pay very close attention to any symptoms that can occur as early as a few minutes in the areas where the glue was  applied.

Quick Solution! I would suggest immediately taking off the weave or the glued on the hair pieces with olive oil to avoid any more reactions. Carefully clean areas with a mild shampoo and then apply an over the counter Hydrocortisone ointment two to three times a day to all affected areas. Consider Benadryl if needed for any itching  and consult a doctor for careful clinical evaluation to avoid further scalp or hair damage.

Bonded (glued) weaves can also cause patches of alopecia or hair loss, especially when removing the pieces. The glue can damage the hair roots causing hair loss and reducing future hair growth. Overall, it is extremely important to just be aware of how the glue is applied and of course, take note of any reactions that may occur on your scalp, skin or hair and talk to your stylist about other hair weaving options instead of glue!

If you can avoid hair weaving glue, you should. I prefer the sew-in type but be careful of the tight braids as this can cause a tension alopecia. Regardless of what type used, know your limitations as we want you to still have your hair even when you take the weave out!! With BellaNutri Hair Supplement, an all-natural nutritional hair growth supplement, your hair roots can stay stimulated to get stronger, longer, thicker, healthier hair in thin areas from within as topicals  alone are not effective. Please visit or call toll-free (866)711-HAIR (4247) for information/order.


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