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Danai Gurira’s Inspiring Words of Wisdom

Danai Gurira’s Inspiring Words of Wisdom

Danai Gurira’s Black Girls Magic Moment:

At the 2018 Black Women in Hollywood Essence Festival, Danai Gurira gave a inspirational speech that brought many to tears. Gurira’s is an amazing actress and playwright. Over the past year, she has been rewriting history by impacting the minority community with her new motion movie “Black Panther”. Her astonishing speech focused on encouraging black women to believe that having the support from other black women or “sista” can be powerful to our society. In the media, black women are label as ghetto or too aggressive, but no that’s not the case.

Let’s Define Black Women….

B: Beautiful

L: Leaders

A: Astonishing

C: Courageous

K: Knowledgeable

W: Wondrous

O: Outstanding

M: Motivating

E: Extraordinary

N: Not to be taken for granted

Key Takeaway

Never doubt your worth because black women are beautiful queens who have a purpose in the world.

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