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Black Girl Health Highlights: Sherrell Moore-Tucker, MindBody Faith

Black Girl Health Highlights: Sherrell Moore-Tucker, MindBody Faith

For this highlight, we will be spotlighting our partner Sherrell Moore-Tucker, who is the Managing Partner for SAGE holistic center and the Founder of MindBody Faith, which is a mindful management and consulting company.  She is also a speaker, author, yoga, and meditation teacher. In addition to her already long list of qualifications, she is a trauma-informed wellness educator who specializes in leadership and holistic stress management. Since 2010, she has been educating communities and businesses about various forms of yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques for addressing stress, social and health-related trauma, as a form of self-care.

As an iRest® Level 1 Meditation Teacher, Moore-Tucker specializes and studies include Somatic movement, Holy Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow-style yoga, Yin yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Restorative Yoga for Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injury along with Christian and Hebraic meditative practices.  She believes that “more women should give yoga a try because the benefits are multi-dimensional.  Affecting the mind, body, and spirit.  I believe that women need to pause and learn how to care for themselves from the inside out.” If you are interested in beginning practicing yoga for yourself, Moore-Tucker suggests that “Yoga is a journey so if you’re drawn to a different type of yoga along the way explore it knowing that your path is your own”.

In addition to the work she does to improve physical and mental wellness, Moore-Tucker also works with coaches and guides new and seasoned managers through various workplace conflict and crisis related to conduct, performance, and health-related matters while successfully decreasing organizational liability. Her training does not only provide ways to improve their managerial duties but she uses learning objectives that combine wellness and military approaches to becoming a more conscious leader.  When asked why she believes corporate wellness is important, she stated that “Corporate wellness seeks to keep employees healthy and it’s important because mental health and well-being impacts the workplace regards of industry. Corporate wellness programs have the potential to increase employee trust, personal motivation, and assist with work-life balance.”

An all-around woman, Sherrell Moore-Tucker, truly demonstrates how you can not only better your own life, but how taking the knowledge you have learned and sharing it with your community to change the narrative you seek to rewrite. You can learn more about Sherrell Moore-Tucker and contact her directly for more information on her service and practice.   

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