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Author: Patrice Shumate

5 Black Owned Business That Make Your Holiday Shopping Easy

Hue man bookstore If you need to get a gift for a bookworm, shop here for a bookstore created and tailored to the african- american community. All books sold by this company are by black authors.   Black Opal Beauty Are your nieces, daughters, cousins, and granddaughter obsessed with makeup? Shop Black Opal for a company that dedicates its line to beautiful melanin skin. Spring Break Watches   Based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, spring break watches was started by two african-american fraternity brothers who enjoy giving back to their community. The sell many watches and you're sure to find the perfect watch for your husband.   Adorned by chi This adorable fun-filled website is full of graphic tees, keychains, pillows, and confidence that will make the perfect gift for...


Get back on your grind!

  Alright Ladies, thanksgiving is over. You can put down the pies, cakes, and Mac & cheese because it’s time to get back to business. Summer bodies just don’t happen, their worked for during the winter season. Take a look at the video below for a reminder of what we’re working towards. [embed][/embed] So if you're tired of looking like this. Ditch the carbs & sugars and focus more on natural foods and getting your body in shape. Over the course of the next few weeks, you will be provided with a variety of workouts, meals, and motivation to get us to our goal. What is our goal? Glad you asked, our goal is not only to have abs by summer, but our goal is to have...

Watch Your Mouth! Do you know the power you possess?

Everyone has heard of the phrase: life and death lies in the power of your own tongue. Did you take it seriously? NO! Well think about how many lives have been taken because of words. Still not following? Wars have been cause because of two men who have exchanged words and somebody got their feelings hurt. Think about how many marriages, relationships, friendships, and reputations have all been ruined because of words. Your tongue has power and what it speaks can change everything.   How To Fill Yourself With Life Have you ever been around a person who is just so annoyingly negative? Always complaining, always upset, always discouraged. That’s the kind of person who has filled their soul with death, and the funnel they used was...


Strong And Stressed? Know Your Signs of Depression!

I once seen a quote that said “ I am a strong, independent women, because I have to be.” The black women has always been described as the backbone of the family, the lifeline, the one who keeps it all together with a pretty smile plastered on her face though, internally suffering from all the pain she has endured. Too often does the black women try to be stoic and fight their way through their struggles on their own, without even a murmuring word. Struggling with this myth that you have to be strong, and you have to do it on your own because your a black women leads her to a path of depression, insecurity, and anxiety. Very unhealthy habits formed but luckily they...


Check Your Circle

Every women has their squad, crew, or individuals who they associate themselves with. Having friends is a great thing and a wonderful experience but how do you know if it’s time for a circle check?   Signs of Toxic People: Controlling: this sign is less noticeable in a friendship as compared to a relationship but still something to look out for. If your friend always has to be in charge or aggressively influences your decisions then most likely their controlling. Friends encourage you to make your own decisions, still offering their opinion but ultimately respecting your choices.   Jealousy: Do you find it difficult to have other friends without upsetting that one friend? Do they get annoyed, uneasy, or angry when you show attention to another...