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Author: Monet Chauntell

The Pros and Cons of Kombucha!

If you follow popular health trends, you have probably heard of this popular drink called Kombucha.  Like many health fads, people rave about the various health benefits of Kombucha but is Kombucha truly the all-powerful healing drink that people make it out to be? To start, what even is Kombucha? In short, Kombucha is simply a fermented green or black tea that is combined with various ingredients such as sugar, yeast and bacteria. (Yes, you read that correctly, bacteria).  We figured out what it is, but why do people drink it? Many individuals claim that drinking Kombucha can: improved digestion, increase metabolism, build immunity, improve liver function, increase heart health and more.   Based on the research, Kombucha can contain some of these properties but it truly depends on...


Black Girl Health Highlights: Sherrell Moore-Tucker, MindBody Faith

For this highlight, we will be spotlighting our partner Sherrell Moore-Tucker, who is the Managing Partner for SAGE holistic center and the Founder of MindBody Faith, which is a mindful management and consulting company.  She is also a speaker, author, yoga, and meditation teacher. In addition to her already long list of qualifications, she is a trauma-informed wellness educator who specializes in leadership and holistic stress management. Since 2010, she has been educating communities and businesses about various forms of yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques for addressing stress, social and health-related trauma, as a form of self-care. As an iRest® Level 1 Meditation Teacher, Moore-Tucker specializes and studies include Somatic movement, Holy Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow-style yoga, Yin yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Restorative Yoga for...