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Author: Imani Goodall


Top 5 African Fashion Looks for the Summer

Let’s step into our African culture for a minute African fashion has been a popular trend for black women and children for centuries. African clothing originated in Africa and it consists of colors, pattern prints, and worn with a headwrap. When wearing print don’t be afraid to bring out those flamboyant colors with the traditional head wrap to match. Especially, during the summertime, because it's embracing your beauty within your own style. There are over a hundred ways to dress up in the pattern it could be worn in your shirt, two-piece dresses, a gown, pants or skirt, and more. [embed][/embed] Top 5 African fashion looks:   White leotard or shirt with blue pattern skirt and yellow heels or sandals Matching pant set of a red and gold...


The Hidden Message Behind Beyonce and Jay-Z New Music Video

Queen Bey has a message for us! As we all know Beyonce is the queen of music because of her vocal performances and creativity. Recently, Beyonce and her husband released a joint album called “EVERYTHING IS LOVE”. The first hit single they released was APES**T and the music video that was filmed in the Louvre Museum, which shocked the whole world. In the music video, Beyonce and Jay-z were standing in front of numerous historical paintings and sculptures. I know you might just see her music video as entertaining, but if you look closely there are hidden messages behind the scenes.   [embed][/embed] The hidden messages in the power couple’s video: In her video, there was a portrait of a black women wearing a cultural head wrap as a...

Natural Hair Workouts

3 Tips to Help You Manage Your Natural Hair When Exercising

Natural hair shouldn't stop you from working out It’s no secret that working out with natural hair can be a bit of a struggle. Humidity, sweat, and all the things that accompany a good exercise session are the very same things that can take a cute hairstyle from “yasss girl” to “girl what happened?” But don’t let your potential hair woes stop you from getting a good workout routine in on a regular basis. We have three simple things you can do to make sure your hair stays fly before AND after you hit the gym. Protection is key! Yes, we know you may have finally mastered the perfect twist out but the gym is not the time to let those coils and curls flow. Protecting your hair...

apps Tips for People Who Don't Like to Workout

5 Fitness Apps that Will Help You Get in Shape and Transform Your Body

We use our phones for everything else, why not for fitness? We talk about fitness and exercise a lot here because the two go hand in hand with good health and what it means to really take care of your body. We know that it’s easy to get laid back about your fitness goals in the hustle of daily life. Especially when you have a million and one things going on in your life as many tend to do. There’s work, family, passions, and social lives to keep up with, and we get it, but making the time to focus on your fitness is essential. Thankfully, we live in the age where there’s literally an app for everything we could imagine so just like we download...


#WomenCrushWednesday: Beautiful Black Women Dressed In Yellow

Women in Yellow! Ladies, it’s that time of the week again and who are you crushing on? Well, I’m crushing on all of the beautiful black women that are dressed in the color yellow. This season yellow is the new pink for black women and girls. So, now it’s time to upgrade your closet to be more  Wearing yellow can reflect your natural skin tone and embraces the real beauty within skin deep. Recently, a young rapper highlighted women of African descent in yellow clothing. Watch this video to get more fashionable ideas. [embed][/embed] FAVORITE Summer Yellow OUTFITS Sun Dresses w/ wedges or sandals Shirt/Crop tops and blue jeans w/ brown sandals Long yellow maxi dress w/ white sandals Denim bottom down top and a yellow skirt w/...

Style Inspiration/body type

5 Tips to Help You Dress for Your Body Shape

5 Dresses for 5 Different Body Types As we all have heard before, women come in many different shapes and sizes. Although we are all beautifully made, some women tend to be more slim, while others are considered to be curvier. Knowing the types of dresses that look good on your body type can be challenging; especially when finding appropriate clothing for the workplace. It's now time for you to figure out your body type and learn how to embrace every curve through fashion.   [embed][/embed] So, what is your body type? Pear? Hourglass ...

7 sculpting workouts

7 Sculpting Moves to Get You Motivated and Fit for Summer!

Ladies, Summer is Here! With summer now officially here that doesn't mean you stop working towards your health and fitness goals. There are so many ways to get in shape over these next three months.  In this short video clip, Jeanette Jenkins, shows us 7 sculpting moves to get in shape this summer. [embed][/embed] 7 Low Impact Exercises to Sculpt Your Body Side Lung to Front Kick Push-Up  to Squat Bicep Curl Shoulder Press Plie Squat with Upright Row and Front Deft Lift Goblet Squat Stationary Bikes with Bicep Curls Back Row to Back Fly with Back Taps Chest Fly's with Ab Double Leg Lower Make sure you complete each workout for 15-25 reps and 2-3 sets. Key Takeaway High-Intensity Training and aggressive cardio isn't the only way to properly get...

One Women’s Story On Why She Decided to Transform Her Body!

When You Know It's Time to Change It takes courage to want to transform your body and lifestyle. It's not an easy decision to make nor an easy journey to take. You have to find motivation and understand your "why." Why should I get healthy? Why should I workout? Why should I change my lifestyle? The reasons behind your journey has to come from you. So, the next time you doubt yourself before working towards becoming healthy and fit, take a look at this mother's journey. This should help you figure out your "why." [embed][/embed] One Women's Story On Why She Decided to Transform Her Body "I'm looking at these pics like where did the time go. My baby is growing up so fast. I remember when I had...

Holiday Beauty Lookbook: No Makeup Makeup

6 Different Natural Hairstyles You Can Wear in The Workplace

Natural Hairstyles in the Workplace Struggling to maintain your natural hair can be a process. Ladies, when working at a professional workplace don’t be afraid to show off your beautiful black natural hair. When it comes to your hair, spice it up a little and experiment with different hairstyles. Embracing your natural hair will boost your confidence and will express your creative style. [embed][/embed] Several hairstyles that can be worn with all natural hair types:  Halo braids Two front braids with a ponytail bush Slick back low ponytail Bun Bantu Knots  The Process of Styling Your Natural Hair For starters, the essentials you will need is shampoo, conditioner or leave-in conditioner, hair oil, a wide tooth comb, a wig brush, a regular brush, and hair bands. In order...

ads and exercise

Ab & Booty 8 Exercise Mini Band Circuit: It’s Week 3 of Summer Ladies!

Summer Body 2018 Hey ladies! Are you excited for summer? I know we all can't wait to wear our bathing suits to the beach and our maxi dresses. I know we all want to look cute in our summer clothes, so here's a workout that will help you get your body tight for 90 days of summer! [embed][/embed] Abs & Booty Exercise Regimen 1. 20 crunches & 20 air squats 2. 10 reverse crunches & 20 air squats w/ overhead press 3. 20 Russian twists & 20 lunges - 10 each leg 4. 20 leg lifts & 20 hip-thrusters Each workout can be completed 3-5 times with the mini band.   Let's get our mind and body right for summer, ladies! ...