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Author: Imani Goodall


Top 10 Effect of Stress Among Women of Color

Although, I know for a fact that none of the readers of this blog are stressed….. I want to discuss it so you can maybe pass the information on to a friend or family member :). When it comes to stress, I believe the most important part to point out is that it is not our fault that we are stressed! Truly, I do not believe it is our fault. We live in a fast paced world, we have kids, husbands/wives, full-time STRESSFUL jobs, sports, and more. What I do believe is that we have a responsibility to manage ourselves in a way that allows us to minimize stress. I said minimize because realistically stress will never go away and that’s okay because of not...

Glowing Skin

The Importance of Self Care for Women

When I looked up 'woman' in the dictionary, I was partly surprised at what I read. One definition says “a female person who cleans house, cooks, etc.: housekeeper.” I do not know how this makes you feel like a woman, but I know that my feminine power goes deeper and wider than just cleaning and cooking. Yes, we are caretakers, comforters, and nurturers. However,   we are also the bearers of the world and all of its beauty. Our feminine energy is harnessed by Mother Nature herself. As she cares for the animals and plants, we care for all mankind.  But what about self-care? When do we allow ourselves to be cared for, loved, manicured, massaged, and acknowledged? When do we love ourselves enough to care...

breast cancer

3 Companies Who are Serious about the Fight!

Did you know that there are an estimated 40,920 breast cancer deaths just in 2018? With these staggering numbers, it’s important to look for any early signs that you might have breast cancer. Throughout the month of October, also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you will come across many companies with the drive of seeing the end to breast cancer. These organizations are critical in the fight to find the cure. Raising billions of dollars, your investments will further the research and actions to reach their goal! Below are 3 companies who are serious about fighting this disease- and winning!= True&Co. - Not only does this online lingerie company create bras that are perfect for post-mastectomy patients, they also have a Bras to Fight Cancer...


When To Eat: Putting Your Body On Your Work Schedule

How many of us focus on when to eat? No many rights? The focus and pressure have always been put on what to eat and that is important as well, but what if when we eat is just as important? When considering when to eat, intermittent fasting is becoming more and more popular and for a great reason. Intermittent fasting is the voluntary act of withholding from food, therefore, it is something you must mentally accept before you physically succeed. Please believe me when I say that it IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.  Intermittent fasting is one of the answers to the question “When do I eat?”, which not many people ask. Meal timing is important to consider for a much different reason including reversing insulin resistance, emotional...


Get In A Morning Flow With A Morning Routine

Mornings are usually associated with low energy, grogginess and a lot of coffee. When we wake up, we are so focused on our efforts to make ourselves look presentable, but what if woke up with a purpose and a plan? What kind of shift could we make in our day if we were intentional about how we started it? I started incorporating a morning routine earlier this year, and at first, it was hard to commit to. I either wouldn’t wake up on time, or I would only do it for a day or two. Then I made another outline as if the routine itself was the problem, and the same thing happened. This happened about 4 times.  Possibly this has also happened to you,...


What is the true definition of Motivation?

Mo·ti·va·tion the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. When Monday morning hits -  you probably thought “ I don’t want to do this, I just want to stay in bed, with the cover pulled over my face and pass the day away.” As you did, so did many others, even myself. Now we can all do that, and watch as the day goes by while we laid in bed unproductive from sunrise to sunset, but then what. What fulfillment would that give you, what will you have accomplished, in what way did you grow? But you already know that. So you get up anyway, brush your teeth, put on clothes, and you’re out the door. But, the question is not about...

Holiday Beauty Lookbook: No Makeup Makeup

Natural Hair Styles for the Gym

Don't Sweat! Who said black girls don’t workout? According to a study published in the Archives of Dermatology, two in five African-American women do not work out because they are worried about their hair. WHAT?!?!?! I know right. Well luckily for you there are some natural quick hairstyles that can be worn for that sweaty cardio routine. Watch as Ab K shows us 5 natural hairstyles that can be worn to the gym. [embed][/embed] What if I'm not a naturalista? Not about that natural life, well that’s okay too. Below is a video that shows you how to place your relaxed hair in a quick up-do for a workout. [embed][/embed] For more on natural hair styles visit BGH Blog Home | Black Girl Health Blog By Patrice Shumate...


Learn How to Relax Your Body With Trap Yoga

Trap Music & Yoga Trap music has boomed in the African-American community. New artist are arising everyday. It’s just something in the bass that makes you want to move. Well, have you ever heard of trap yoga? Yes, it is a thing! Trap yoga is a class in Washington D.C. that you can take to help release stress, connect with your inner self, and reflect on what has been occurring in the black community, all the while hearing some trap beats in the back. Artist such as Drake, Migos, and Kendrick Lamar have been known to be played. Khepera wellness offers these classes for as low as $18. To sign up for your class today, visit Khepera Wellness. [embed][/embed] After watching the video, we hope this changed your mind...

What is your #BlackGirlMagic?

Black Girl Magic at its Finest Every black women has heard of the term “black girl magic”. It is a term defined as, the art of pure, unadulterated dopiness, that every black women exudes, that beholds not only her internal and external beauty, but demonstrates the glory of God the creator.  Black girl magic is a movement that has captivated the hearts of the melanin community. It is a concept that has allowed many black women to band together and feel empowered, special, and untouchable. This type of magic is noted as exclusive and only available to the women of the Black community. Within this magic, you will find swag, strength, confidence, and much more and it shows in your hair, your style, and your very own...


5 Top Stylish Outfits For Curvy Woman

Curvy Girls in Style As we all know, we cannot forget our beautiful full figured queens that can also set the trends straight. But some of our queens are misguided, thinking that wearing dark oversize clothes is the only way. There are numerous of stylish clothes for full figured women, you have to find what fits right with you. Upgrading your closet will not only increase your self-esteem but bring out the fashionista in you. Like I said before “Don’t be afraid to experiment” because you never know fashion might become your new hobbies. So let’s get started!   Five Starter Outfits: A regular t-shirt tucked into your long fitted skirt with either tennis shoes or heels A printed black and white skirt, a pink colored blouse, leather...