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Author: Dominique Bynum

Be Careful “Falling In Love” (Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month)

Love is such a beautiful thing! Everyone wants love in some capacity, sometimes a little too much. When we think of dating violence we almost never think about teen dating violence. We look back at our teenage years and remember the deep crushes we had on someone or the “relationship goals” image that you and your significant other iminated throughout school. We have to stop only looking at the surface level and look a little deeper. Sometimes it’s the little things that we miss as teenagers and I need you to be careful! Here are 3 signs that the relationship is violent: The Issue of Privacy: PJ Morton said it best with “I don't wanna go thru your phone, some things are better left unknown.” You are...


The Pros and Cons of Going Cold Turkey!

How many of us wanted to start a new diet or quit consuming something and thought the best way to do it was going cold turkey? My hand is raised because I know I have. Let me tell you, it was not easy! I’m going to give you my take on quitting soda cold turkey. I’m choosing soda because I am so deeply in love with Coca Cola that it’s crazy! So here are my pros and cons of quitting (Coca Cola) cold turkey. Pros Clearer Skin: As you know soda has way too much sugar in it for people like me to consume multiple times a day everyday. When I quit drinking soda cold turkey, I had noticeably clearer skin over time. Energy: Reducing the amount...


How to Grocery Shop for Healthy Foods on a Budget

“I want to eat healthier! I have so many goals I want to achieve but healthy food is expensive and I don’t want to eat like a rabbit.” Is this you? I feel like we all have been in this position. We don’t all have the money to go completely crazy on healthy food. I have a few suggestions for you to get healthy and still be able to save a few coins. Plan Your Meals Decide what kind of meals you want to make and what kinds of foods you’re willing to eat. This way you aren’t buying foods you think you’ll eat at some point but instead, you’re buying foods you will eat and have a plan to make.   Make a List I promise this will...


A Recap of National Gluten Free Day

The older I’ve become, the more I’ve heard the words, “gluten free” spill from people’s mouths. I thought living a gluten free lifestyle meant no bread, which meant I couldn’t do it because I am in love with bread. When I tell you I was wrong, believe me! I looked into it and found out that gluten free is so much more than I thought. What is Gluten and why should I care? Gluten is a group of proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and spelt. There are many people who have switched to a gluten free lifestyle because of the negative effects that gluten has on their bodies. For example, some people have celiac disease or even a non-gluten celiac sensitivity. Celiac disease is an...


Sis! What’s Really Stopping You From Reaching Your Health Goals?

Almost everyone I know has a health goal of some sort, but has never reached at least one of them at the beginning of the year. I’m guilty of this. I set an abundance of goals and the more time passes, the easier that the goal becomes a faint memory. Here are a few reasons why you probably aren’t reaching your health and wellness goals. Excuses! Stop making excuses! Best selling author Robin Sharma said “the excuses we make destroy the results we deserve.” How many times have you made an excuse and those few words stopped you from doing something you really needed to do? Excuses don’t do anything except hinder you. They are roadblocks in your path to success. Don’t make them a habit. End...


Keto vs. Paleo: Which Diet Option is Best for You?

Is there a such thing as the perfect diet? There are so many diets swarming the internet and you need to find the best one for you. Two diets that are frequently talked about are the Keto Diet and the Paleo Diet, but now you have to decide which one is best for you to try. I’m not going to tell you which one is better. Instead, I’m going to give you more information on both diets to help you reach a distinctive decision. What is the Keto Diet? The Ketogenic, or keto, diet is a low-carb high fat diet. You consume less sugar and consume very little carbs. With this diet, most of your calorie intake comes from fat. The goal of the ketogenic diet is...