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Author: Camille

From Being Injured to Becoming Physical Fit, Razz Sharpless Defies all Norms When it Comes to Fitness

In this week’s partner spotlight article we are acknowledging a driven individual who conquered her fitness goal. Back in 2014, Razz Sharpless experienced a devastating fall that caused her to break her tibia, fibula, shattered my ankle, and tore most of the tendons in that area. For eight months, she has to be constantly assisted and during that time she attended physical therapy where she was able to regain her strength. After experiencing her traumatic fall, Razz decided to attend different fitness classes to continue with her fitness journey. Because of her previous injuries, it prevented her from performing and doing a lot of movements such as running and jumping. Razz felt embarrassed because she was told countless times to “run or jog in place”...


Understanding the Stages of Breast Cancer

This week the organization will be discussing different stages of breast cancer and differential diagnosis. Staging is a process used to find out whether breast cancer has spread to other parts of the body. When cancer starts to spread through different parts of the body it is called metastasis. There are three main ways cancer can spread throughout the body. Cancer can spread through the tissue, the lymph system, and the blood. These three different tissues are all in an internetworking system, where malignant cells can transfer genetic material (DNA) to other cells of different organs & organ systems composed of different tissues. Cancer cells can break away from where they began (the primary tumor) and travel through these two systems called the lymph system...

Pink breast cancer ribbons on pink background

The In’s & Outs of Breast Cancer and, the General Statistics you Should Know

October has finally arrived! Black Girl Health Foundation is excited to partner with Genentech kick-off our I’m A Survivor campaign.  This month we are introducing a series of articles about breast cancer to bring awareness to our community. The BGH community is excited to share our first article of the month, The In’s & Outs of Breast Cancer and, the General Statistics you Should Know. There are many common questions and concerns women have about breast cancer. This article will address the majority of those questions regarding breast cancer. What is breast cancer, and where is the tumor located? Cancer is a disease where cells of a particular organ develop abnormal cells that multiply uncontrollably to form a malignant tumor. Malignant cells are cancerous cells, and...


The Affects of Depression in Women

The importance of this week’s mental health topic is acknowledging the different types of depression and how it can affect women in different stages throughout their lives. Depression is commonly associated with a mood disorder. Relatively, women have higher rates of depression than men, and this could result in three main factors that include biological, hormone, and social. There has been an influx of research on medications and medical conditions that could be a major contributor to depression. Many people associate the feeling of depression as constantly being sad, but that’s the only portion. Other symptoms could physical, emotional, and mental. Some of the most common physical symptoms are aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems. As women, we go through different changes and...


Tyra Gardner: An Influential Psychotherapist & CEO, that’s Improving the Lives of Others One Client at a Time

Every Wednesday, the BGH community is proud to announce a new partner we can spotlight every week, and this week we are taking time to celebrate our newest partner Tyra S. Gardner. Gardner is an influential Psychotherapist and CEO of her clinic called At A Moments Notice, LLC. She provides a multitude of services that include clinical-based practices, where she delivers cognitive behavioral therapy. The evidence-based treatments at her facility coincide with the best therapies for adults. These practices help with adjustment problems like anger management, anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship issues. Gardner also provides business coaching for individuals who want to create and build their businesses. Not only are therapy services provided at the center, but clients can sign-up for monthly subscriptions to receive...


From Ballet Dancer to Teacher: Sheona Little Educates her Community on their African Roots

A woman once said a powerful statement, “Please remember that you were Africans before you were anything”- Bose Ogulu. Bose is the mother of the Nigerian singer/songwriter Burna Boy. His mother accepted his award for Best International Act on his behalf at the BET awards in 2019. The previous statement identifies the cultural gap and misconception between Africans and African Americans. Specifically, Africans native to a country and culture they can proudly identify and represent their African heritage. In contrast, African Americans cannot identify where they come from because their ancestors were brought here because of African Diaspora; stripped them of their native language and culture. Everyone should appreciate their cultural ancestry, specifically in the African American community. By reducing the cultural divide, it will...


From Financial Loss to a Monetary Boss, Ericka Neville is Proving that Women Can Do it All

Financial hardship is a commonality amongst many Americans. Even though the U.S. is notable for having a boosting economy and an abundance of job opportunities, we are still the number one country with the highest rate of homeless individuals, families seeking monetary support, and people living in poverty. Many Americans face harsh realities when it comes to economic loss and burdens. Unfortunately, it is more present in the African American community. Financial literacy is not a language or a lifestyle that is taught too many, especially in our community. Today, one woman teaches us that with planning and having a solid foundation, anyone can overcome financial barriers. This week’s partner spotlight, we focus on Erika Neville, a Licensed Financial Coach & Advisor. Ericka is an award-winning...


From Holistic Educator to Businesswoman: Ava is Giving Us All the Remedies When it Comes to Natural Healing

Every Wednesday, we acknowledge an upstanding and phenomenal remodel in our BGH partnership community, and this week it is no different. This week’s partner spotlight, we focus on Ava Adames, who is a wellness coach, holistic educator, and businesswoman. Ava is a National-board certified health and wellness professional, who has been in the industry for twenty years. Her journey started as an undergraduate student majoring in business administration, but her love for fitness and holistic healing conquered all. Ava earned her master’s in Exercise Science with a Corporate Wellness concentration at the California University of Pennsylvania. Ava soon learned that she wanted to work holistically with the community, providing alternatives to traditional medicine for people to support themselves in a natural way of healing. She...


From Philanthropy to Launching A Counseling Consulting Service, La’ Tesha Sampson is Setting the Bar For Women in Business

Every Wednesday, we acknowledge another role model in our BGH community, for our partner spotlight article. Today we focus on La'Tesha Sampson, an inspiring black woman whose journey allowed her to venture into different career paths and allowed her to wear multiple hats. La’tesha is a philanthropist, businesswoman, educator, author, counselor, and outreach specialist for multiple organizations that improve the quality of life for others. She brings awareness to global issues such as human trafficking, domestic violence, and racial disparities in the healthcare field, not only in the country she resides in but globally. As a philanthropist, she worked with a host of nations through the Rz the Flags, an outreach organization where she provided partnership, sponsorship, and leadership in numerous nonprofit initiatives globally. La’Tesha...