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Get your edges back. Period.

Get your edges back. Period.

A thinning hairline or loosing edges is a fear for many women of color. What’s worse, there are so many possible culprits!

Thin edges have been linked to theories from styling hair too much to tight cornrows, twists and ponytails. They can also be attributed to genetics or more serious health conditions such as alopecia. Regardless of the culprit we’re gonna make sure all our sisters with thinning edges continue to have #FabulousHairFridays from here on out.

Some remedies we’ve found that rejuvenate hairline growth include scalp massages, using natural hair products, sleeping on satin pillowcases or using scalp stimulating oils and treatments among other things. Some of the best oils for hairline growth are Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Monoi Oil, Peppermint Oil and Jojoba Oil. To learn the best techniques for applying these oil treatments read this helpful article.

Have your edges made a comeback? Share your before and after pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram and use #fabuloushairfridays!


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