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Are You a Busy Parent and Think You Have No Time for Working Out? Elethia Gay Thinks Otherwise

Are You a Busy Parent and Think You Have No Time for Working Out? Elethia Gay Thinks Otherwise

We all wish we had more time. Time to sleep, time to work, time to relax, time to exercise, time for everything. Lack of time is to accomplish something is just an excuse. It is one of the biggest reasons people have used to put off exercising or eating healthier, or just living a healthier lifestyle.

We often say things like: “Once, I get caught up with work, I’ll have more time and energy to work out.” Or “My kids have such a crazy schedule there is no room for me to fit in meal prepping.” Stop putting your health and fitness goals on the back burner and follow Elethia Gay. Elethia is a health and wellness coach and speaker for AQ Health and Wellness, where busy parents find their inner athlete. She understands that once you become a parent, life is mainly about your child or children. Of course, your child’s health and well-being are essential, but if you can’t take care of yourself, it will affect your child in the long run.

 Elethia knows all about being a parent and what it takes to juggle her fitness goals and motherhood. Not sure if you’re ready for personal training with by Elethia? Connect with her on  Instagram and Facebook to get to know her process and how her method will help you reach your fitness goals. She shares healthy recipes, mini workouts, and inspiring messages to motivate and encourage her followers. Elethia says “live healthy and thrive by building a healthier and happier lifestyle. I will provide the tools. It’s up to you to get started.”

Working out and begin the journey to a healthier you don’t solely depend on working out and eating healthy. It’s time to stop making excuses of not having the time just because you have kids. During their school session, or during playtime, or even after they go to sleep would be the perfect time to do a quick 30 minute to an hour workout. And when it comes to eating better, if your kids are super picky, meal prep your healthy meals, so you don’t have to cook double meals every night. You don’t have to do it alone or try to do crazy workouts to be healthy. Elethia can get you started and keep you on the right track, all while still doing your parenting duties and living your normal life. Follow her and start today.

To learn more about Elethia’s services check out her website. She will be a special guest on this Friday’s BGH HAPPY HOUR, your time to ask questions and get to know her better!

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