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Change Your Mindset and Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Farah Green

Change Your Mindset and Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Farah Green

It’s still early in the year, which means right now, people are still working on their New
Years Resolutions. One of the most common new years resolutions is to lose weight. Many
people are so determined that this is the year they will lose a few pounds and finally have the
summer body they always wanted. It’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, but what is
the reasoning behind wanting to shed a few pounds, especially for curvy women? Is it baby
weight? Having gained a few extra pounds during quarantine? Or maybe the weight is affecting
their health. These are all great reasons, but for some women, it’s just because society told them
they need to have a “slim thick body” which includes a small waist with a big butt and boobs. If
that’s any woman’s reason for losing weight, it won’t happen because they aren’t doing it
for them but for other people’s satisfaction. Losing weight is already hard enough without trying
to please anyone besides yourself.

There are many confusions and contradictions about eating healthy, exercising, and
dieting. Some things work for certain people while they don’t work at all for others. But people
don’t realize that you can jump into exercising or trying to diet. The process all begins in
your mind. Not being motivated for the right reasons or not going into the process with a positive
mindset will automatically set you up for failure. Losing weight is more than dropping pounds.
It’s about body positivity and wellness. People can go to the gym every day and not lose weight
and get discouraged and fall back into their old ways. But what works for one person may not
work for everyone.

Farah Green is the perfect example of this. Mrs. Green is a body activist, health
enthusiast, and a curvy woman entrepreneur who is changing people’s minds about health
perceptions one woman at a time. Her journey didn’t start easy. A few years ago, she
fell into a deep depression causing breakdowns and suicidal thoughts. She was going to the gym
every day, trying to lose weight while trying to plan her dream wedding and adjust to a highly demanding job. Not losing any weight made her feel like her body and mind were having
a physical fight. She was confused and started wondering why her body wasn’t changing. So, she
changed her mindset. She stopped focusing on her physical appearance and looked for internal
healing. She began to meditate, lowering her stress level and listening to Joel Olsteen on her way
to work. She started gaining a more positive attitude towards her life.
She then started to work out again, but she learned how to eat
nutritious food to fuel her body. Farah realized that mental health and
physical health were more significant than just reaching a weight loss goal. She now uses the
knowledge she gained from her experience to encourage and teach other curvy women struggling with weight loss.

One of her quotes is, “Fall less in love with the result and fall
more in love with the process.” She uses her Instagram page to help women find different quotes,
mini exercises, and recipes that help them on their fitness journey. Don’t give up on yourself and
your fitness goals just because what your friends or family are doing isn’t working for you.
Take the time to find what works best for you, and remember that your mindset is key to reaching your goals. Need some body positivity encouragement go to Farah Green Youtube to help encourage your fitness journey.


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