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Relationship Therapist, Love Coach, Author and Speaker: Montrella Cowan believe that you can have it all!

Relationship Therapist, Love Coach, Author and Speaker: Montrella Cowan believe that you can have it all!

Happy Wednesday ladies! Today we want to introduce you to one of our newest partner members, Montrella Cowan! Montrella is a widely sought after motivational speaker, trainer, and founder of Affinity Health Affairs, LLC.

The Brooklyn, New York native and mother of two is a licensed Psychotherapist and Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and Life Coach. Montrella earned a Master’s in Social Work from Howard University and holds a Bachelors’s in Social Work and Interdisciplinary Studies from Catholic University of America. 

At Affinity Health Affairs, Montrella uses a holistic (mind-body-spirit) approach to talk therapy and relationship coaching. Strives to provide high-quality service, knowledge, personal care, and passion to help people have healthy relationships and families. 

Affinity Health Affairs focuses on helping individuals and couples with :

1. Self-Determinism

Our core belief is in YOU!

At Affinity Health, Self-determinism is a key component. We honor our clients’ power to choose. Every client has strengths that they bring to the table.

2.A Practical Approach

We stand for practical over theoretical. Rather than give you “pie in the sky” ideas, we offer you practical, hands-on tools that you can use.

3. Relationships & Family

Relationships & Family. We know that family is the first institution. We respect the importance of human relationships.

4. Love & Affinity

L.O.V.E. also known as affinity. We affirm that true love is possible for you this lifetime.

5. Health

Health. As an individual, physical, mental and spiritual health are interdependent. With respect to the health of our organization, vision, integrity, reliability, and trust are the foundation.

6. Passion

Passion. We love what we do, helping people have their wildest dreams come true. We have a passion for our purpose and we care about our clients.

Here is what some of her clients say about her:

“…Montrella made us feel welcome and never made us point the finger at the other person. We both ruined our relationship, we both played a part spreading negativity in our household. She made us remember the great times we use to have by encouraging us to communicate. Montrella taught us how to forgive one another and how to move on. She literally restored our marriage and we are forever grateful for her… We’re still young and still figuring out this thing called Marriage, we’re so glad we didn’t give up on each other. We’re growing and learning every day and with a baby on the way we are extra confident that we made the right decision to seek professional help. Thank you so much Montrella for giving us another chance at Love! #LoveWins”

Forever grateful,

Kobe & Jacque


Montrella believes that we are all deserving and capable of manifesting and thriving in healthy, sustainable relationships despite our past or our circumstances. Her best-selling book The Purse:An Essential Guide to Healthy Relationships teaches you how you can go from a place of fear – feeling powerless, unworthy, and somehow not good enough for a mutually respected, dignified relationship – to a place of love and fulfillment

Ready for a change? Schedule a free 15- minute consultation with Montrella Cowan to get started! We are excited to see what is yet to come! 

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