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Meet Chef Ebeth Johnson- Healthy Lifestyle Advocate and Culinary Genius!

Meet Chef Ebeth Johnson- Healthy Lifestyle Advocate and Culinary Genius!

Every Wednesday, the BGH community is proud to announce a new partner we can spotlight every week, and this week we want to introduce you to our newest partner  Chef Ebeth Johnson!  Ebeth is a mindful eating & well-life mentor for women who are ready to live deliciously. As a professional chef, plant-based culinary nutritionist, mindful eating coach, and media personality, Ebeth marries her love of food, cooking, wellness, and mindfulness while supporting women and their families to incorporate nourishing foods and nurturing lifestyle practices into daily life.

Here are Chef Ebeth’s 7 Core Values of Delicious Living:

Value #1: The Power & Magic Of Whole Plant Foods

A diet based on whole plant foods is one full of the micro-nutrients that nourish our mind, body, soul, and goals. (This DOES NOT mean you have to give up meat if you don’t want to!)

Value #2: Meeting You Where You Are

Ebeth meets you where you are and respects where YOU want to go. Her purpose is to share with you the information, skills, and meaningful mentorship you need to achieve your individual goals deliciously and with confidence.

Value #3: Joy & Laughter

Lifestyle changes are a bit easier with a good dose of humor and some full belly laughs. These, after all, are two of our best medicines!

Value #4: Openness & Communication

Our food choices are very personal and rooted in our culture, our childhood experience, our belief system, our sense of taste, and our perceptions. Which is why Ebeth invites you to freely and openly communicate your story, your perspective, your challenges, and successes so that you feel honored while being open to new ideas about what it means to eat well.

Value #5: Fearless Education

Fear is NOT a lasting or powerful agent of change.  So Ebeth doesn’t use it. Instead she inspires her clients to discover their True Goals, tap into their deepest motivators, and keep them in mind so that staying on track and achieving your goals becomes easier, more joyful and more fun.

Value #6: Judgment-Free Experience

No matter where you are on your journey to wellness, Ebeth respects you and will not judge you. AND she teaches you to let go of self judgment and embrace self love, too.

Value #7: The Power Of Women

Women – working collectively to feed ourselves, our children, our family, and our community well – can co-create a world in which we are all more energized, less sick and living longer and more joyfully all through mindful eating and well life practices.  Can you feel it?

As a speaker, mentor, media personality, and coach, Ebeth creates customized packages, programs, workshops, media segments, and keynote speaking opportunities based around her 7 core values of Delicious Living…

Here is what some of her clients say about her: 

“I connected with Ebeth’s vision, mission, brand, & intention instantly. Her mindful eating plan centered on plant-based foods is one that is both readily accessible & thought provoking. She teaches with love & grace, holistically AND wholistically. Thanks to Ebeth I am able to live my most delicious life making daily mindful food choices that best serve my health & well being!”

If you your like to learn more about her healthy recipes for families or how to join her mentorship program visit her website. Chef Ebeth also has an informative and relatable blog for new moms, The Breastfeeding Chef.  We are excited to see what is yet to come! Does Chef Ebeth’s story make you more invested when it comes to building your own business? Would you like the partner with BGH to expand your business? Then join the sisterhood and become a member.

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Imani Goodall
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