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6 Gift Ideas for Your Fitness Obsessed Friends

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6 Gift Ideas for Your Fitness Obsessed Friends

Let’s be real. While we all understand and can appreciate the impact that exercise and fitness have on our lives, there are some of us that do it because we know have to, and there are those who do it because the love it. If you have those people in your life who are obsessed with all things fitness, give them a gift they’ll really enjoy this year. Here are our picks for you fitness loving friends and family.

  1. Fitness Planner – If your loved one is all about planning, tracking, and documenting her fitness goals, a fitness planner is the perfect gift. There are so many different types available from yearly planners to planning for a specific goal. You can even get one that helps you track everything from your meal plan to your workouts like the Smart Fitness Planner.
  2. High Powered Blender – You know the friend that’s always stopping somewhere to pick up her morning smoothie? This is the perfect gift for her. While everyone knows about the popular Vitamix, there are a ton of other (more affordable) options out there. Think about gifting your girl a single serve blender like the Oster Blend-N-Serve so she blend and go.
  3. Chic Water Bottle – Every fitness guru has that one water bottle they take with them everywhere they go. Give your friend an upgrade with a chic water bottle that looks good and works even better. We love S’well for it’s endless options so you can find the perfect one.
  4. Stylish Workout Gear – Not everyone is a fitness fashionista but regardless of whether you try to keep it cute at the gym or just want to wear something efficient, you can’t go wrong with gifting some cute workout gear.
  5. Headphones – No workout is complete without a good playlist. If you want to give your fitness friend a gift she’ll love, give her a pair of really good headphones. You can find everything from expensive wireless Beats to more affordable (but just as effective) sports earbuds from Skullcandy.
  6. Meal Kit Subscription – What about your friends who love a good workout but is always talking about how hard it is to stay on track when it comes to diet? A meal kit subscription might be the perfect gift. At this point, there are so many to choose from you can even find ones based on your personal diet preferences or where you like to shop.
Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
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