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5 Mediterranean Recipes, I’m going to try and I think you should too!

5 Mediterranean Recipes, I’m going to try and I think you should too!

Hey Sis!  While I was spending time scouring the internet for new ideas and topics to write about during the pandemic, I found something interesting. Since we are at home, this not the perfect time to spice up your dinner and try something new? I knew you would agree, so today I have listed 5 Keto-Friendly Mediterranean recipes that I tried this month, and I think you should too.

Mediterranean food?

Yes, Mediterranean food is the cuisine style of people from countries along the Mediterranean. Places like Greece, Turkey, Israel and Morocco are just a couple on the long list. Their diet consists of a lot of healthy fats, lean protein, and fresh fruits and veggies making it easy include for those of us on the keto diet. Saffron, Cumin, and Basil are just a few of the spices to may be using frequently so I would keep them handy, along with your excitement to try something new.

Israeli Salad

So, I have never had the official Israeli salad, but my mom used to make a version of this with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and vinegar. That was always one of my favorite sides, at dinner time. However, this version of the recipe I quite a bit bitter and so using the lemon ad oil to make a dressing is more suitable for a meal sized salad.

Low-Carb Lasagna Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

I am a super fan of lasagna, so when I read this recipe I was screaming yes! Something like this would have been super helpful when I tried keto (and failed miserably). This is the first one that I will be making this month for sure!

Cauliflower Parmesan Soup

I love to substitute cauliflower in for things, so this seemed totally doable for me. I love a good soup, even in the summer time, and did I mention parmesan cheese?

Grilled Swordfish with Mediterranean Cumin Spice Rub

So, I have never tried swordfish before but let me just say I am intrigued. I read online that it is best grilled, so If you are going to try this recipe, I would go all the way and put it on a grill, instead of substitute baking (like I do with most grilled recipes)

Lamb Lollipops with Garlic and Rosemary

I had this recipe at a steakhouse and let me just say it was one of the best dinners I have had! The lamb was cooked perfectly and seasoned throughout. Plus having an handle makes it easier to eat. Ha! I am totally trying this one at one and so should you!

So those are 5 Keto-Friendly Mediterranean recipes that I want to try this month. Click here to see 12 additional recipes as well. Follow me on Instagram to see the outcomes of these recipes @Chicnaturlnikki, and comment below which ones you want to try. Also, join the BGH membership where you can get access to weekly recipes and workout programs here:

And as always, Live you best life sis!




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