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4 Mental Health Apps for College Students

4 Mental Health Apps for College Students

To continue with the theme of mental health resources, we at Black Girl Health have compiled some therapy alternatives for college students and or anyone that desires to take control of their mental health.  These four apps are great free and low-cost options for those who aren’t ready to take the leap towards therapy yet.

1.Well Track 

Well Track is an app that was created Purdue University’s Counseling and Psychological service. In 2018 Well Track was launched. The web-based service help address student’s wellness and mental health needs.


Happify is an app that activities and games to help relax the user, according to Happify

“A few simple activities completed on a weekly basis will relax the user and measure his or her happiness.” Happify reports that more than 80% of users noticed improved mood after four weeks.

3. Self-Help for Anxiety Management

The Self Help for Anxiety Management is an app that was developed by the researchers at the University of the West of England. The app is new user friendly and provides anxiety reduction tips. The app also offers a section for journaling, to provide users with a safe space to release feelings.



4. Breathe2Relax 

Breathe 2 Relax is a portable stress management app, It’s a hands-on deep breathing exercise. Breathing exercises have been proven to decrease the stress in the body and helps stabilize your mood and overall health.

5 .Mindshift

Mindshift is an app that uses scientific strategies based on behavioral therapy to help users relax, be mindful, and decrease anxiety. Mindshift offers several activities such as guided meditation, coping cards and affirmations!


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