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3 Ways to Fight Fatigue!

3 Ways to Fight Fatigue!

Fatigue is a lack of energy, exhaustion, and lethargy. One can experience physical, mental or both forms of fatigue. There are ways that some people fight fatigue and here are three of them:

Exercise! Sometimes exercise can be difficult to start developing a habit in but it is worth it. When dealing with fatigue sometimes just getting up and moving helps tremendously. This sis not to say that you need to go buy a gym membership and workout five days a week or do two workouts a day. You could go ride your bike, take a walk in the park, go dancing, or even do some relaxing yoga. Getting your body in movement can help give you that boost of energy you need.

Drink More Water! You had to know this one was coming. Water is essential for the human body but it’s not just to attempt to clear your skin or lose weight. Sometimes people don’t even realize that they are suffering from dehydration all because they aren’t drinking their water. Getting exhausted from simple tasks like chores or walking up the stairs may be an indication that you need more water in your life. Hydrate yourself to better yourself!

Eat More Often! Don’t look at this crazy. I said what I said. Notice I said more often and not just eat more. If this is the way you use to fight fatigue you need to alter your portion sizes but this may help steady your blood sugar and give you a little more energy.

If you need a little more energy in your life these tips may help! Your health is important. You got this, Lovelies! To learn more, please follow Black Girl Health on Instagram and our blog. If you would like to be a vendor the Black Girl Health Kickstart Expo, visit our website. Tickets are now on sale for the Black Girl Health Kickstart Health & Wellness Expo, visit here to purchase.

Dominique Bynum
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Dominique is a writer who has a passion for fitness, health, beauty and more. She loves researching these things in order to live a better lifestyle and is excited to help you live one too!

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