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3 Tips to Get You Excited to Workout

apps Tips for People Who Don't Like to Workout

3 Tips to Get You Excited to Workout

Unless you’re a fitness instructor, let’s face it, working out isn’t our favorite activity. Even though we all understand by now that it is 100% necessary for your body and your health. It’s easy for us to say “just do it” but, if we’re being honest, exercising regularly can really be a struggle for so many people. If you’re finding it difficult to get in your daily/weekly workout as much as you should, we have three simple things you can do to commit to a workout routine in no time.

  1. Make a playlist. Sometimes all it takes to get in the exercise spirit is some music. We love making playlists to kick our workouts into high gear. Queue up a few of your favorite fast paced songs and dope beats mixed in with a few motivational hits to keep your energy high and get to it. We like to keep a few in rotation to switch it up on different workout days.
  2. Try different types of exercises. So many of us sign up for gym memberships just to find, we don’t go. Sometimes the mundanity of the typical gym workout is enough to talk ourselves out of it before we even start. Instead of trying to force yourself to do the average thing, try something different like a hip hop yoga class that allows you to exercise while having fun. If you like dance, find a dance class. If you like bike riding, try a spin class. Think about the things you DO enjoy doing and find an exercise class that is based on them.
  3. Make it a group thing. We go to club with our friends, to the movies, and to brunch. Why should working out be any different? Instead of committing to a solo workout schedule, make it a group thing with a few of your closest friends or coworkers. Not only does this give you a chance to meet up with your girls or mingle outside of work, you’ll also have accountability partners to help you stay the course.
Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
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