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3 Self-Help Books That Every Black Woman Should Read.

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3 Self-Help Books That Every Black Woman Should Read.

Self-Help books are often used to motivate and inspire it’s readers to be the best version of themselves. Self-Help books and the self care movement and the has often been described as a  trend that millennials have popularized. Due to the overwhelming result of being home due to COVID 19, many of us felt like this was the time to rediscover ourselves and become a better motivate and become version of yourself. We here at Black Girl Health compiled a list of 3 Self-Help books you should add to your must read list.


1. More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are by Elaine Welteroth

More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth is part memoir and part manifesto, Elaine Welteroth is an  journalist, editor and New York Times best-selling author. More Than Enough touches on Welteroth’s journey to becoming the 2nd Black woman to hold the title of editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue in Condé Nast’s 107-year history to hold such a title. This novel is the perfect for those who are rethinking their career choices and for those who find themselves being in spaces that they typically “don’t belong in.”


2. The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love by Sonya Renee Taylor

Sonya Renee Taylor is an author, poet, and social justice activist, educator, and founder of “The Body is Not An Apology movement”  This novel is a guide to falling in love with yourself and your body. Taylor provides detailed insight on how we might undo these self-hating and unworthy beliefs that insist we’re never good enough, and replacing it with how we can love ourselves completely.


3. Love in My Language by Alex Elle

Alex Elle is known for her affirmations and loving style of poetry, In this novel of essays and short poems, Alex shares moments of her life that helped her discover her light. Alex details the losses and wins in her life and how she navigated to continue to push on, this novel is quite inspiring and and is perfect for those who are beginning a new journey in life.



As we continue to live through our “new normal” it’s important to prioritize your mental health, whether its creating a new COVID friendly routine, goal setting and just coping with the new state of the world, we at Black Girl Health are here for you! If you would like to educate yourself on different mental health topics, then visit an online information service, produced by the National Library of Medicine where consumers can view the latest health articles and content. If you are a consumer interested in reading medical publications such as journals, dictionaries, or even blog then go to website of the National Library of Medicine.


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