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3 Quick Ways to Down Your Fruits And Veggies

3 Quick Ways to Down Your Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables. Can’t live with them, seemingly. And can’t live without them, literally.

These food groups become essential for getting in your fiber and avoiding those uncomfortable, plaguing conditions, like constipation. Plus, these foods are typically made of a lot of water. That means lower numbers when you step on the scale because you get full faster without all the calories. And don’t forget the lower risk of cancer and other diseases when we regularly get the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Try these three quick ways to make it easier to get your daily dose in. Use it to keep yourself healthy or even for your kids’ meal planning.

1.    Make it a mandatory part of one of your meals.

I brown bag it for lunch and make it part of my routine to pack two fruits everyday. Believe me, if you are hungry enough, you will eat it. This works for breakfast or dinner. Take your pick. If you are up against resistance from your littles, explain that it’s just for one meal. One, then done.

2.    Slice or peel your fruit or veggies, so it’s poppable and easy to eat.
Now, this tip was a gamechanger. How many times have you tried to send your kids off to school in the morning with an orange and they come back home with that same orange? Are you guilty of it, too? Taking the time to cut apple or pear slices or peel tangerines may seem like an unnecessary waste of time. But there is no denying it. It makes a huge difference. For some reason, having the fruit prepped and ready to go makes it more appetizing. Try it and see.

3.    Up the cup and drink your fruits and veggies.
A simple blender can do wonders for you and your family. Buy a bag of your favorite frozen fruits (think strawberries, blueberries, peaches, mangoes, bananas) and mix it with water and almond milk (or rice milk if someone has an allergy). Take a handful of kale or spinach or experiment with any other blend-friendly vegetable and voila! If a little sweetness is needed, squirt in some honey. But that’s it. A nutritious and delicious cup of fruits and veggies.


Easy, quick, and gets the fruit and veggie intake job done.


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