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Annette Boynes-McCray

Annette Boynes-McCray

Annette Boynes-McCray is a lupus advocate and survivor. Her symptoms started back in 2006, but she wasn’t diagnosed with Lupus until 2011.

Her battle with Lupus over the last 8 years has affected her joints, skin, and the tissues surrounding her heart, causing her severe chest pains. She has gone through hair loss, and experienced blurred vision, which has caused her to be hospitalized and undergo chemotherapy

Even with lupus, Annette is determined to find a way to get her body to a healthy state. Therefore, she has decided to go vegetarian, in order to limit the consumption of foods that cause inflammation.  She now has a personal trainer to get in shape to keep her joints moving.

Annette has founded a non profit organization called Flowers For Lupus. Being a survivor she is dedicated to advocating about this disease with others across the globe. Annette has made it her mission to get city’s to recognize May as Lupus Awareness Month. She started with the Mayor of Harrisburg to issue a Proclamation, and recently got the Mayor of Carlisle on board to do the same

Although there is no cure for this disease, Annette is determined to fight and support as much as she can, by visiting other cities to meet other lupus survivors, participating in Lupus walks, and events. She is a Lupus Warrior.



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