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2 Ways To Start Going Natural With Your Hair

2 Ways To Start Going Natural With Your Hair

We hear it all the time, women giving up that creamy white stuff, that once had their hair patent leather straight, for beautiful textured coifs and coils. However, we have also seen those who attempt to go natural, but are leaning more towards an unkept, dry, weathered look (and no sis, that headband in the front, doesn’t make it ok).

Whatever end of the spectrum you are on, going natural is a process; that takes some time, patience, and a whole lot of trial and errors.¬†Going natural implies that you are no longer using any chemical to alter the natural form of your hair, making many give up the once coveted relaxer. Relaxers permanently change the form of your hair, it does not wear off. Often, women consider “the big chop” which cuts all your relaxed ends off to where your non-relaxed hair starts.

Scared of the “big chop”? No worries, you can simply grow your relaxer out. Every time you get a couple inches of new growth, cut some of your relaxed ends off, that way you do not lose a lot of length at one time. Going natural doesn’t have to occur over night, and nor does it mean that you are simply allotted to water, a wing, and prayer. You are simply giving up the use of chemicals, but there are still many hair creams, puddings, and serums that will keep your lovely locs moisturized and growing healthy.

Stay tuned to find out which products can aid during your transition!


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