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18 Things I learned in 2018 That we can all get something out of | Mental Health

18 Things I learned in 2018 That we can all get something out of | Mental Health

Hey Ladies!

So last year I saw these posts floating around all over the place, and I decided that I would write one of my own the following year. In 2017 I went through a lot and it was a really tough year. I lost almost everything that I had. But 2018 was the year in which I finally dealt with a lot of the trauma from the things I went through, and discovered a lot about myself in the process. So these are 18 things I learned in 2018 that I hope we can all learn from.

  • Forgiveness

Number 1 is Forgiveness This one was hard, and always will be but in 2018 I learned what forgiveness actually is, when I learned to forgive myself for mistakes I’ve made in the past

  • Procrastination is Normal

Number 2 is that Procrastination is Normal. Putting something off when its overwhelming isn’t the best way to do things but beating yourself up about it won’t help either, once I accepted it was normal I was actually able to get my work done!

  • Depression is real

This one was deep. I started to notice hose symptoms within myself, and I realized it’s actually  part of PMS for me.

  • Emotional intelligence

Check out my post on Emotional Intelligence to learn more.

  • How to be a productivity ninja

This book was amazing! I’ve been able to adapt some of these tips into my planing routine and my productivity has definitely increased.

  • How not to be a vegan

Lets just say my transition to veganism didn’t go as planned, but I learned some great recipes and other tips and tricks to use in the kitchen along the way.

  • How to chase my dreams

I achieved a lot in 2018 that I had been working towards for a while. Now I’m ready to chase even bigger and better things

  • How to get over my fears (well to a new extent at least)

I took an opportunity to face my fears this year, and while I couldn’t go all the way I’m happy that I learned how to be more brave and take advantage of exciting opportunities

  • Acceptance of others

Everyone has their flaws, and I have always been one to hope some people were different vs accepting them for who they are, this was a hard lesson but i’m glad I learned and am learning the right balance of acceptance and boundaries

  • How to drink Bucky’s like a pro

There are some many tricks online when you look up how to order a drink at Starbucks. I switched from espresso to coffee and save up to 2 dollars sometimes per drink!

  • How to make goals

So In reality I have always made goals, but the biggest things that I struggle with is stretching myself too thin. This year, I learned how to make goals for myself that we actually achievable

  • How to follow through on said goals

My lack of follow-through had kept me from achieving my goals for so many years, but this year I fixed this problem. I started embracing my “laziness” and broke my goals down to manageable tasks, allowing me to finish what I started on more often than not.

  • How to speak my mind

I almost wrote this one as “setting” boundaries but this was more than that. Even when it comes to not wanting to do something or not wanting to watch a particular movie, just speaking what was on my mind brought me so much peace.

  • Yoga

Not a Yogi by far but beginning to carve out a practice myself, and even considering adopting some fitness goals. I know crazy right?

  • Meditation

This has helped me a hundred-fold, I talk about it more here.

  • The value of relationships

I always knew relationships had value, but I didn’t know how much until this year. I’m going into 2019 making sure that I care for my relationships in a way that is healthy, and beneficial.

  • How to love

I’m talking about myself here. I was at a point where my self esteem was getting low. It took for me to learn how to love my self in order to boost my confidence levels. A combination of acceptance and self care is how I started to take my life back.

  • How to move on

Another big one. This is more than just relationships, this include reigniting old goals and friendships that should have stayed dead. Time for something new

So those are the 18 things I learned in 2018. I hope that you can take away from this sis and in 2019 have a list twice as long as this for your growth.

What are some things you learned this year?



Nikki Brame
Health and Wellness Contributor

Nikki is a natural hair blogger and youtuber , also known by the handle @ChicNaturlNikki, has been in the game over five years now. She loves journies to find her best self and has enjoyed sharing her these journeys and practices with you along the way.

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