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HIV/AIDS and The Heart + What you can do!| HIV Awareness

HIV/AIDS is one of those infections that takes a toll on the body of the person infected in many different ways. In the month of February , the month of love and (more importantly), American heart month, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at some of the effects that HIV/AIDS has on the heart, and what you can do to decrease your chances. Heart Disease We all know that heart disease is a huge problem in the African American community, but did you know that if you are infected with HIV/Aids then your chances of developing this disease goes up? (talking about adding on to an already heavy load!). HIV affects your immune system mainly, but that doesn't mean that the...

Fight Heart disease with Mushrooms | Stuffed Mushroom Day

Hey ladies! I hope everyone is doing well today! So if you all were not aware, yesterday was national stuffed mushroom day! I know some of you are like ew gross, and some of you are jumping for joy about this, but I invite all of you who are anti-mushrooms to try them stuffed as they have a completely different flavor than just plain raw mushrooms in a salad for example. You’re probably also wondering why i’m bringing this up as well. Well since it is February, the month all about love and black history, I thought I’d talk about heart health since that is something affecting both of those areas. Black women & Heart Disease It is sad to say but half of us black...