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Let’s Stop Making Excuses and Get Our Booties in the Gym

Let’s Stop Making Excuses and Get Our Booties in the Gym

When are you going to stop making excuses?

I’m sure there are days when we aren’t feeling your best. Every day, we come up with a list of excuses to prevent us from eating healthy and sticking with a workout plan. We all fall victim to it and know that you aren’t alone. But when you make a decision to change your body and change the path you would like to take during your health and wellness journey, you will find your excuses to be minimal.

Have you ever said, “I’m not ready”. “I just can’t lose weight”. “Eating healthy is expensive”. “I don’t have time to learn how to meal prep”. These are excuses you create because you dont make yourself a priority. Stop falling into the same behaviors of creating ways out of letting yourself down. Anything is possible. You are worth it. You can do this. Stop saying I can’t and Start believing you can. 👉🏽4 lbs heavier on the right, but much leaner with muscle in the right places . 🔈ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are interested in getting a #curvyfitbodytransformation click the link in my bio to join the CURVYFIT email list for 4 weeks of FREE WORKOUTS coming next week!!MORE DETAILS COMING. . . . #halfHerSize #aGirlWhoWentForIt #beingfatishard #losingweightishard #transformationstory #weightsovercardio #weightsvscardio #extremeweightloss #excessskinremoval #celluliteisnormal #transformationtuesday #evefitchick #snatchedwaist #halfmysize #beyourownbodygoals #waistless #mealprepideas #macrocoaching #girlswithmuscle #strongnotskinny #curvyfit #weightloss #fitnessjourney #fattofit #mommyabs #indyfitness #gtransformationacademy #transformationtuesday

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It doesn’t take much to make a difference

The majority of people believe that in order to make a difference in their health it means spending long hours at the gym and depriving yourself of food. The truth is – the road to becoming healthier and fit only consist of three things.

  1. Patience – Be patient with your body! The transformation will occur when you decide to trust the process and embrace all the small victories. Please keep in mind the small victories add to big wins.
  2. Consistency – You must stay the course. Results don’t happen overnight, but when you are diligent in meal prepping and work out the results will come. Your body is changing every day whether or not you see a drastic difference.
  3. Love – You might wonder – what does love have to do with all of this? LOVE has everything to do with your health and wellness journey. Once you begin to develop self-love during this transformation journey, you will begin to embrace every part of your body. You have to love your body at every stage, but also love it enough to want to change it.

Let today be the first day you begin your transformation! Stop Making Excuses!

Farah Green
Farah Green
Web Content Manager

As a teenager, Farah always struggled with her weight. With the daily challenge of having to lose and maintain her weight, Farah decided she is going to be the first in her family to break unhealthy eating habits and combat disease. Since then, she has found a passion for health and wellness and is always researching the next fitness craze. Farah is dedicated to educating women on how to best take care of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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