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Are you up for the challenge? Run a Half Marathon with Less than a Month to Train


Are you up for the challenge? Run a Half Marathon with Less than a Month to Train

The Love for Running!

Often times, when you hear people training for a 5K race, 10K race or a half-marathon race, they usually train for months. They have a set goal and each day they’re working on reaching that target. But what if you only had one month to train for a half marathon race? Would you quit or would you come up with a workout routine to prepare?

Most people would actually give up and throw in the towel. They would make a bunch of excuses as to why they can’t train for the race and finish.

But not this guy – he ran had less than a month to train for his half marathon race and with the help of his wife (who’s also a runner) he was able to accomplish it.

Running with your heart is when you sign up for a half marathon with less than a month's worth of training and knock it out. That's what my husband @esnelldesign did today and I'm so proud of him. Congrats to him on his first half marathon and it was my absolute pleasure being his crazy mentor — I'm not used to him listening to me so much and that's a medal in itself. In addition, I want to send my love to all of the dope peiple that I met on the course today including the fabulous @rockstar5230 and dope ass partner who are awesome. Congrats to my bestie @antidiva84 who shaved at least 20 minutes off her original half marathon AND finished before us. I'm so proud to see you shine like I knew you would. Today has been amazing and made that five hour nap feel completely worth it. Thank you to @blinkfitness, the most incredible gym on the planet. Without you guys, today wouldn't have been possible! Anyone else rock the pavement in this crap weather today? #runningfatchef #fatrunner #raceday #runner #running #fitnessmotivation #fitmom #fitness #skirtsports #REALwomenmove #swiftwick #chaseadventure #timetofly #fitparents #halfmarathon #popularbkhalf #blinkfitness #fitdad #selfie #celfie #hellobeautiful #blackgirlsrun #blackmenrun

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Key Takeaway

If you have a goal – make a plan and accomplish it. Don’t give up to easy. You don’t know what your body is capable of doing without you even trying, so finish strong!

Farah Green
Farah Green
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