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5 Exercises That Will Help You Gain A Sundress Waist


5 Exercises That Will Help You Gain A Sundress Waist

Summer is here!

Ladiesssss! Summertime is here and it is time for those bikinis and sundresses. We all want to look absolutely fabulous in our bright summer colors with our waist snatched. Below are some exercises that will help you get those abs tight and your waist right.

5 Exercises That Will Help You Gain A Sundress Waist:

  1. Weighted Sit Ups: This move will target your upper abdominals as well as your shoulders. Be sure to control your movement up and on your way back down to your mat for the ultimate ab engagement.
  2. Star Sit Ups: This move is already a challenge, but Sharita takes it to another level by challenging you to keep your feet off the floor the whole time. Try to crunch up to meet your hand to your opposite foot and alternate sides. You’ll feel every inch of your core on this one!
  3. Figure Eights: This exercise will focus on your lower abdominals, which are a trouble zone for every living breathing person. To get even better results from this move, keep your head and shoulders raised to engage your upper abdominals as well.
  4. Side Plank Dips: Here’s the move that will really snatch that waist, without any special gadgets. Get into a side plank, preferably on your feet and lift your hips high above the floor and lower without resting your hips on the floor again. (switch sides for another 30 seconds)
  5. Twisted Mountain Climbers: You can’t get any abs if you don’t have some cardio. Pick up your heart rate with this advanced mountain climber move. Try to jump your knee to the opposite elbow and alternate knees as fast as you can.

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By Patrice Shumate

Farah Green
Farah Green
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